Friday, January 3, 2014

Time With Matt and Caitlin!

Matt and Caitlin stopped over on their way home from their Christmas celebration in Milwaukee.
Next year we have all of the Big kids at our house!
 Can't wait for everyone to be together!

It was so much fun catching up and talking about wedding plans!
The wedding will be in June at a beautiful Colorado mountain setting!
Katie and Andrew and baby will be moving from Germany to Colorado three weeks before the wedding!

Hubby is so thrilled to have a wood burning fireplace in our new home!
This was the first time we have used it and the first time in over 8 years we have had a real wood burning fireplace!
(Yes, I cleaned the glass door the next day)

Sam kept checking it out and then finally asked
"How do you turn it off?"
 "What happens to the log?"
He was shocked there wasn't a switch or a remote!

So many experiences the children haven't had- it is so much fun to watch them see things for the very first time!
It never gets old!

Joey loves his Babba!
A lot of bonding happened when they were in China.

Caitlin is a special needs preschool teacher at one of Denver's school districts.
She adores all of the children and really understands them!

It was nice to have Ben and Joey meet their oldest gege (big brother) for the first time!

Caitlin had many hairdos that day!
Each one lovelier than the next!


Janet and Kevin said...

So wonderful how your big kids love their little siblings! That is a very special relationship for each of them.

janet and gang

likeschocolate said...

So glad that they could come and visit!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

How wonderful! And what a cute couple they are!

What an exciting year you have ahead of you!

(GREAT pics, as always!)

Angie said...

Ha! The fireplace thing cracks me up. We have gas logs, and whenever we're at my parents' house, they ask if they could turn off their fireplace (wood burning) because they're getting too warm!

Sally-Girl! said...

What a blessing to have Caitlin in your family!!!