Sunday, January 5, 2014


This is Hunter.
He ages out in April.

He is a "for real" orphan.
Meaning his age was not modified in any way.
You will not get to China and find out you are adopting a man or a child with parents.

We met him when we adopted Madeline.
We liked him right away!
There is something very special about him.
He just seems like a boy that would be easy to love and he would make a wonderful son.

Please consider this dear boy...
Please don't let him age out...

He played basketball with our son Mark.
And he was quite good!
He has a natural coordination and can also dance!

He has hypospadous- it's correctable.
He is so much more than this special need…

He needs a family who can move quickly to bring home before he ages out.

He lives in Guangdong Province.

He is a wonderful little boy and he desperately needs a family!

You can see his video at the link below!


lizzielou said...

What a beautiful boy, he looks so sweet. Praying his family finds him.

Wendy said...

What an adorable child. So wish he could be mine.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Praying he finds a family!

Step-Mama to 4 said...

I just wanted to finally post and introduce myself.
I came over to you from the Wright Family blog.

I have been reading for 3 years probably now and really enjoy praying for your family and seeing your heart for those in need of a family.

I will join you in praying for this little guy in particular!
Hope you have a blessed week!

Stephanie -- @

Vickie said...

Our daughter grew up with this boy. She said he listens well. He's a bit ornery (from what she told me) which sounds like he is a very typical boy:) She said he he didn't want to be adopted before but changed his mind because so many of the older kiddos have been adopted. And if he needs any help our daughter is more than happy to help him with translation or anything else she can help with:) Our Paisley would love to see him get his very own family!