Saturday, January 11, 2014

Venturing Out With The Big Girls!

We have been home a lot lately due to a variety of circumstances-
 no vehicle that fit all of us, two new boys, holiday crowds and frigid temps.

As the temps have become more moderate, we now have a vehicle and the boys have been home for one month we are beginning to venture out more often!

Big brother Mark had a pizza and movie party with the children at home! While hubby and I took the 3 big girls to their first Timberwolves game.

Mia became very quiet as we were driving. Her experiences while in the orphanage were very limited and she was always surrounded by the other children from the orphanage. She had no idea what "going to a Timberwolves game" would entail. Did we expect her to play basketball? Although there were plenty of open seats the crowd overwhelmed her. She retreated into her shell but thankfully not for long.

Once our chicken fingers, chips and bottle of pop arrived she began to feel better. And once she could see that she that we were just relaxing and enjoying the game as a family she started smiling and talking again.

Our team won…by a lot! Which always makes it even more fun!

I really hate cotton candy… I look at it and see cavities and sticky fingers - I wanna run for my toothbrush 
I got to have it when I was a child 
I need to loosen up and let the children have it, too (occasionally).

It was so much fun spending time with our three "big girls"! They really enjoyed the game and the experience!
Emma was very happy to stay home with Mark and be at the pizza party! Loud noises and big crowds are not her favorite. In fact she actually seemed relieved to not have to go!

It is kind of nice to divide up and enjoy the children in slightly smaller groups now and then!


Sarah said...

Very fun!

kimjax said...

When we first returned home, one of my older dd's was always a little nervous when I took her out alone (without the other kiddos to doc appts, etc) and overjoyed when we returned home. She told me later that she was always afraid that we would leave her somewhere or send her back. That makes my heart hurt. You never know what's going through their minds - and the language barrier makes it even worse. it's so hard for them to learn to trust after a lifetime of letdowns. I'm glad Mia was able to relax and have a good time. Your girls are precious.