Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming 2014!

We had our own little celebration yesterday!

Spaghetti dinner- which is one of their favorite dinners!

Madeline had her tonsils and adenoids out on the 30th so she spent the day resting.
She joined us when she could.
She is  slowly recovering and doing very well!

We are watching her closely- encouraging fluids, regular pain meds, minimal activity, soft foods as tolerated and lots of love!
Our friend Sally's daughter ended up back in the hospital with a bleed after her tonsils were out and our Anna had the same thing after a palate repair.
We are not taking any chances!

We put puzzles together and played games!

I LOVE doing puzzles with the children!
It has always been one of my favorite activities!

Then we watched a family movie!
Three kiddos didn't make it to the later celebration- they fell asleep!
Sweet dreams Madeline, Luke and Joey!

The rest of us partied!

With party hates!

And noise makers!

We counted down the seconds!

And then we made lots of noise!

We may have celebrated an hour early!
Because we did it on New York time!

Everyone had sparking cataba juice!
I don't think Ben liked it that much ;-)

BUT Ava and...

Anna and...

Abby did!

Then we went outside in 10 below zero weather and shouted to the world-


And no one heard us, which was just fine with us!
Because it was still really really fun!

Wishing you a wonderful 2014!


kimjax said...

Happy New Year, Jean!!

ChouchouPoussin said...

happy new year to you !

Hanna said...

Happy New Year! Hope 2014 is a great year for you all.

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy New Year sweet friend!! Yes, keep soft foods only for 2 weeks at least!!! Laney just went back to regular food last week! Take no chances as I am sure you have heard about the girl in Oakland, CA two weeks after Laney's hemorrhage.

What are the blue puzzle box things the kids are using? We are always doing puzzles.

Lisa and Tate said...

Have a blessed and happy 2014! Looks and sounds like a great time! We celebrated at NYC time which put us at 10:00 Utah time. All the young kids were unaware and the moms of the little ones were happy to get to bed shortly after.

Sherri said...

Happy New Year from Florida!!

dannette said...

Happy New Year. If my memory is correct kiddos can kind of have a bit of almost a relapse at 7-10 days after surgery - that's when the scab starts coming off. Just wanted to give you a heads up for watching pain level etc.... Our kiddo has been feeling pretty well - to the point of it being hard keeping her slowed down and then wham that time period happened and she feeling yuck again for a couple days. Here's to speedy healing for your sweet girl!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Well, that's just plain FUN!!

Have a fabulous new year, friend!

Holly said...

So fun!!!

ZetteLolo said...

Happy News Year to you and your wonderful family...from France ! We had a nice Eve too, and a wonderful family new year's day.
Hubby is now ill, my little bean (8) is her "nurse" today, because I have to work ... She's wonderful !!


Jboo said...

Happy New Year Jean and family! Love seeing all of your fun photos and kiddos. Hope the patient is doing well! :)

aunt jackie said...

Hip Hip Hooray to 2014 !!! Get Well prayers for you Miss Madeline =) .. from Florida

Rosemary Snyder said...

we had sparking grape juice and rang in the new year with the boys trying to catch leaves on fire with sparkerlers!
All the best to you and yours!