Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WOW! What Wonderful Weekend!

It started on Friday when Katie and I went shopping for the baby!
(Well, we may have purchased a few things for ourselves too!)

Later, we met Hubby/Dad for an early dinner at one of Katie's favorite restaurants- PF Changs!

Saturday Morning was wonderful!
Auntie Mimi had a baby shower for Baby Burgess!
Katie is 29 weeks now and once she leaves she will not be returning until after the baby is born.
This was our only opportunity for a baby shower.
Auntie Mimi went all out!

It was a bring your favorite childhood book shower!
Some guest brought other gifts and some sent a gift to their home in Germany.

The party favors where a bottle of wine to toast with once Baby Girl Burgess is born and truffles!

That's Katie's baby bump and the big sister Penny(doggy) featured on the label!

It was so much fun celebrating this new Mommy to be and her sweet little baby girl!

 so wonderful see friends and family that she hasn't see for many months!

Our niece Meghan is expecting her second child one week before Katie!
They are both having girls!

Katie's friend Jess won the game and guessed how big Katie currently is!
The rest of us were waaayyyyy over!
Sorry Honey!

Family photo of the ladies!
Sarah, Mia, Ellie and Ava came with us- they were wonderful helpers and they loved being there!

While we were at the baby shower Hubby and big bro Billy where at Chuck E Cheese with the other nine children!
It just so happened to be Abby's 8th birthday!
Now we have 3 eight year olds and 4 seven year olds- one by one my babes are getting older.
The children had a blast and Hubby and Billy survived the afternoon!

That evening we had everyone over for a birthday dinner.

This is everyone except- Matt, Caitlin, Andrew and Kelly.
Hoping in June(at Matt and Caitlin's wedding) we can get a pic of everyone together!

The human jungle gym!

Love pics of the olders with the youngers!

Mark is so loved! 
Joey and Ben just can't get enough of him!

These two are such a cute couple!
However there is NEVER alone time at our house!
I am surprised there is only one on their lap!

I love this pic of Sarah and Emma… but not thrilled with Johnny in the background...

Love seeing Mia's true smile!

These two "big girls" are amazing!
It is a journey adopting older BUT so worth it!

Abby loved her gifts!
A jewelry box and an American girl doll with some outfits!

Joey loves the view while being held!
It's hard being the smallest one in the family.

Katie thought it was a little loud at our home when we all get together!
I think they have gotten much quieter over the last month!
Progress is being made!

The usual hovering around the birthday girl!
Everyone of them wants "to help"!

Love you guys!

I'm hanging on and not letting her go!
It has been such a joy having her home!

Abby's birthday cake has a winter sledding scene!
The girl is asian with a pink jacket- just like our birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Abby!

Just missing Matt!
They all grew up much too fast!

Good Night Sweet Girl!
Sleep Tight!

The next morning was brunch with friends!

Katie's BFF is newly engaged so we needed time to talk weddings!

That night we had our Families With Children from China New Year celebration!
No pics, but  a ton of fun!
It just so happened our Ben (7 yrs old) saw a little friend from his orphanage at the party!
The other little boy (4 yrs, almost 5) came home 2 weeks after Ben!
The boys were shocked and overjoyed to see each other!

Praising GOD for this wonderful weekend with friends and family!


Shay Ankerich said...

What an awesome blessing to celebrate so much with your family!!! Everyone looks so great! Praying doe that precious baby coming and for continued blessing on your everyday. Blessings and love!!!

kimjax said...

Your family is so cute, Jean!

Sophie said...

You have the most beautiful family, and you always look amazing! Katie looks just like you, beautiful!!

Susan A said...

I love seeing pictures of your family, I was smiling all throughout when I read your post :)you have a lovely family, Jean!