Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Move That Bus!

Note to self: 
Don't park Sylvia in front of the kitchen window!

She's a bit of a view ruiner!

From further back in the kitchen it doesn't look too bad BUT
when we stand at the kitchen sink she takes up the whole view!

We have had Sylvia for a month and a half!
She now has a TV and she is ready for some road trips!
But there's a slight hitch-
Sylvia's plates came to our home.
I signed for them…
I have no recollection of doing this…
in fact I even went to the post office to look for them- they showed me my signature- how embarrassing!
So it seems that once again I put them in a very safe place in our home…
So very safe that I have absolutely no clue where they could be…
And I/we have looked everywhere…
(thank goodness hubby has a sense of humor)
except now when ever we are looking for something he says-
 I am sure it's right next to Sylvia's license plates- thanks hon!
Ya just can't resist, can ya!

Praying to find them but thinking it's time to order back up plates!

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Wright Family said...

I bought theater tickets for my 12 big kids to each see 4 live performances as a Christmas gift 2012. Of course, I hid them so they would be surprised. Since I couldn't remember where I put them I had nothing to hand them on Christmas. Before each show I had to go to the theater and have them reprinted. I found them January 2014.