Thursday, February 20, 2014

That's Good! Oh, That's Bad!

Remember that book that has a title something like this?

That would pretty much describe things right now!


We are going on a vacation
I have to pack for 13 children...

We are on our way to Florida
We forgot the keys to our rental property

We left early to avoid a snowstorm
We drove through wind gusts up to 60 mph in Illinois (Lori, did I spell that correctly?)

I bought a bunch of movies for the trip!
Except I bought blu rays and we only have a regular DVD player in Sylvia

Hubby said to me(as I was dozing off) "I forgot everything" of course I immediately thought we left a child at the last gas station.
BUT, he meant the keys to our place and all the children were safely in the van!

We brought a bucket for anyone who got carsick.
He missed the bucket...

I am guessing that this is a to be continued post!
AND, I am hoping to add pictures BUT
I can't find the cord to download the pics!

So for now- I will say goodbye from southern Illinois! 
The big boys are watching the doggies and the house and from what I hear the snowstorm is big and bad!
So sorry guys!


mewohlwend said...

Have SO much fun! It's really snowing here- you picked a great time to get away. Can't wait to see picts!
:) Megan (Lucius)

Hanna said...

Pray that everything will go smooth and arrive in Florida safely.

Sherri said...

I don't always leave comments, but so enjoy reading your blog. Wow, I would love to run into in Florida, even if it were to just say hi and meet your family? So where are you heading? Safe travels and may God Bless. It's beautiful here, that's for sure - you can't and won't shovel up sun!!

Sarah said...

Oh my! Bless you, Jean!!!

Vicky said...

If you come through Montgomery during the week or Dothan on the weekend we would love to meet your wonderful family!

Stephanie M said...

Florida! That is GOOD! I hope you have a wonderful time and that the good continues to out weigh the bad ;0) We are headed to your neck of the woods for our 25th anniversary for a little get away in a few weeks. Snow and all. Crazy, I know! And not very far away from home. But we are going to China too.....hopefully sooner than pick up our sweet little one.
We have the bad snow storm too, and no, it is not fun!
Have fun in Florida!!

K said...

I've been catching up on your blog and didn't realize that you recently moved, right when you brought your new boys home, too. I did the same thing 8 months ago. I came back from China with my new baby on Wed. and packed and drove the last truck down to our new place on Friday. I'm still reeling from the change and unpacking. The new house was in much worse shape than it first appeared so it's been an ordeal.

It's wonderful to see your family overcome your challenges and it's inspired me to get moving and unpack yet one more box.

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Your spelling is superb! But I am super annoyed that you get to go to Florida without your BFF, Lori. But, whatever.

It wouldn't be a family vacation if you didn't forget half of everything that is utterly important!

ENJOY every minute of your fun in the sun, lady!

Love you!

julie said...

Southern Illinois??? That's my neck of the woods. I'm not sure which way you came down, but if you were on I-55, you were only a mile from us! And, I know what you mean about those 60 mile an hour winds...WHOA!!

Have a great trip and enjoy the warmth and sunshine. :-)

Wendy said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!! And, it is all good!

Lynne said...

Oh my goodness, we are all going to Florida :). I am so excited! Seriously, that is exactly what your posts are to me...just like being with your family. As always, your post is so cute-n- funny. Cannot wait to see the pictures of everyone as you have fun on your great adventure. Prayers for safe travels. Fun in the sun = Fabulous :))

kristin said...

What a great time to go! Have you ever tried Benadryl for your carsick kiddos? I made many trips to Iowa for my son's feet and he got sick every time there and back and didn't know how to use a bucket so I had to stop several times a trip to do a full change. I now give my 2 who get carsick a little bit of Benadryl 20 minutes before we leave on a longer trip and no one gets carsick anymore.

Katie Lee said...

Haha! You guys crack me up.

Jen said...

Too funny! Forgetting the key to our vacation home was always my biggest worry! Of course, here in sunny CA, our vacation home is in CO so we could get some snow! ; )

What we need now is rain… a lot!

Serving the King said...

Just sent you an email!!! Whoop!