Thursday, February 13, 2014

You Can Do It!

You're just going to stand there and watching me?

This is hard and very confusing?

You're my Mommy and you're supposed to help me?

What is this thing?

What's a hood?

Where do I go from here?

If you keep taking pictures I think I am going to cry…

Okay, things seem to be going a little better right now…

I did it!
Now you want me to do…

Okay, Okay, Okay…

Just watch me!

I'm gonna show you a thing or two!

I think…

Well, this is encouraging!


I can do it!

Good job, Joey!

I know, 
I could help my child and I have helped him many times in the two months he has been home.
You could too, but then one of us would steal his joy!
I'm there watching him. 
Always close enough to help him when he really needs it.
I prefer to allow him 
the joy of learning and

Plus, he was so cute trying to figure it out I couldn't help myself!
I had to capture the moment!


Gwen Blanton said...

Love this scenario in "pictures with captions". His smile of accomplishment is the best of all!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...


Lynne said...

Bless his precious heart! Love the pictures so much, priceless. As always, love the captions. Wonderful moments captured forever :))

Sarah said...

He is adorable!!!

Sammy said...

Too funny.

K said...

You are soooo right! If our children don't have success of accomplishing something difficult, they won't ever experience the joy that comes with it and build their self esteem. Sometimes I look like the meanest mommy ever, letting my kids struggle with something, but it's the right thing to do so they can grow and when they finally "get it" their joy is indescribable.