Monday, March 3, 2014

Alligators, Crocodiles and Air Boat Rides!

What an adventure!
Last time we were here- about 4 years ago it was not looking so good.
They seemed to have made some improvements since then!

They gave us a deal on an airboat ride - so we couldn't say no!

We saw quite a few alligators!
This is a male alligator- which was evident due to his large size.

We drove though grass and mud- the children were so surprised that the boat could do that!
Our guide said that by next month this area would have no water and they could not drive through it- it is due to the season- a dryer time of year.

The mangrove trees are called walking trees- in some parts they are taking over the everglades.
Although they stop erosion(which is good) they are now changes the eco system of the everglades(which is bad).

This was supposed to be a rainy day so we decided to take an adventure.
It was our lucky day - no rain just lots of fun!

There were smiles on their faces the whole time!
Especially when we went fast!

And here is a female alligator- I am not sure if she is smiling at us or not so happy to see us?
maybe she is very happy to see us and is thinking about LUNCH!


Then it was on to the exhibits...
Interesting but kind of sad.

The children were excited to learn about alligators and crocodiles and the differences between them!
This is not something we get to see in MN.

Poor kitty- had a hard time getting comfortable!

I think she was laying on the fan???

Beautiful but should be running free...

Baby alligators- the children commented on the fact that they would most likely win the quite contest and the "you can't move" contest!
I think they are right!

beautiful animal 

And now I would like to apologize to you!
This just happens to be the beginning of a looonnngggg line of pics!

You see those that have been here before really talked up the time that they held a baby alligator.
Soooo now everyone got to hold an alligator except Emma- who chose not too!
The only smart one of the bunch!

Thank you for your patience!
There were ALL so thrilled to get their chance to hold Wally. 
they each needed several pics to document the experience!

(I'm guessin I never have to come back here again!)
Okay, JK! I have been here 3-4 times already so what's another 3-4 right!

Then of course we all had to touch Wally (the baby alligator) one more time!

Okay, maybe two, three, four more times!

Thank you Wally for being such a good sport!


Sarah said...

You two are such fun parents! Love all the pics!!

Jboo said...

You are so brave!!! Yikes!! Cool photos -- think I would have opted to take pictures and not hold the cute gator!

Unknown said...

By far one of my favorite posts of yours!!! Love the boat picture and Mia holding Joey!!! Oh goodness!!! I love it!!

Jennie said...

Oh my- Wally the baby alligator was certainly very docile. It was enjoyable to scroll through the various photos of each child holding Wally. By the way, I happened to read Katie's post from last Thursday ("This little life of mine"), and there are some wonderful photos of both you and hubby and family (from years ago). Love your hairdo back then and now. Enjoy the rest of your time in Florida.

Unknown said...

It's really me not RObert. I did not know he was logged in, but he'd probably agree with me!

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeekkkkkk, see ya later alligator - after while crocodile. I love-love the boat ride, and the pictures of the kids holding Wally like a sweet baby are so cute. Fun memories :))

likeschocolate said...

So much fun! Glad you had a lucky day filled with many smiles and no rain.

aunt jackie said...

So happy to see that your enjoying my neighborhood !! We live here in south Florida ..Hope that the weather remains beautiful for you ... blessings upon blessings .. =) aunt Jackie

Janet said...

What a cool boat ride!! I love how they are holding the alligator like a baby=)