Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friends from Georgia!

Before we left on our "vacation" we had our friends over!
They used to live in MN (before we even knew them) but moved to Georgia.
They come up every winter to visit friends and get their fill of snow!
We certainly can accommodate their need for snow since this was a record year for snowfall here in the upper midwest!

We met in Guangzhou China when we adopted Mia, Melissa and Madeline.
They adopted Caitlin at the same time!
We missed you Vickie, Pheobe and Chloe.
The children and the parents hit it off and we had an instant support group!

Caitlin still speaks Chinese so Joey was thrilled to talk to her!
She was also used to helping with the younger children in the orphanage but in her family she is the youngest.
Caitlin loved helping Joey and he loved the TLC!

Claire and Sarah became good friends while we were in China!
Claire has been good about calling Sarah so the girls could still keep in touch!
It was wonderful to get them back together!

Just the bigger girls- 10 and over!
We did talk about the different characteristics of our children and how some of them don't exactly look like they 100% Chinese.
Susan's daughter Camilla(3rd from the right) reminds me of our daughter Ava. There hair texture is different from the other girls and same with some of their facial features.
My friend from Vietnam said that woman from many of the other Asian countries go to China to work in the factories.

This was good for both of them!
Joey got teary when she left.

My friend thinks Madeline is part Thai and Mia is part Filipino?
Someday we will do "23 and me" to find out our children's heritage! 


Candy said...

I had once ran into a woman in an ice cream shop and she asked me if my husband was Filipino? I told her no, that Rachel was adopted in China. She said, no, she looks just like me (the woman) and she was Filipino. Doesn't matter to me. I love her no matter what her heritage is.

So nice that you were able to get together with this family.

Joy said...

It looks like you had a great time with your friends. :-)

We are near-certain our Zhuhai boy is biracial Caucasian/Asian. I thought so when we met him and all of our Asian friends think so too. Zhuhai is a resort town so it makes sense. We plan to do 23 and me one day soon for him and follow up with the others later. We really are just curious.

Anonymous said...

I have a daughter adopted from Kazakhstan. I always thought Mia looked very much like her.

Anonymous said...

How fun to catch up with your very special friends. As far as the heritage of all of the children, they are all beyond beautiful, and so precious! :))

K said...

I think that my Zhuhai girl might be part Italian or something similar. We, too, will do 23 and Me some day.

Shelia Jacoby said...

My Guangzhou girl has a brunette tint to her hair that creates lighter streaks in her hair, especially in the summer. I have often thought there might be a blend in her beautiful face. Given where Guangzhou is located, I'm sure there is. It would be interesting to know.

Lili Jane said...

I did 23andme with my daughter then sent the raw data to a geneticist who took a more in depth look at it. My daughter is a Chinese minority just as I always suspected. It's very interesting.

Vickie said...

Hey!! We miss all of you!!! Everyone looks great:)

Vickie, Chloe and Phoebe