Friday, May 2, 2014

Coming Up Next Week!

This next week, is a big week for us!
Lot's happening at our house!

Sunday is first communion for 5 very special kiddos!
Mia, Ava, Melissa, Anna and Sam! I have been running around trying to get all the clothes they need! Now I just need to get a belt for Sam- I am sure I will continue to think of one more thing we need.
And in true Jean fashion, I will most likely wake up in the middle of the night (again) with that very important thought that I CAN NOT FORGET...

Our boys got haircuts! 
Sam is ready for first communion and they ALL are ready for summer-
bring it on!

The next day is a big surgery for Ben. 
He is having the ACE procedure done! We are moving toward "social continence" for him! 
He doesn't quite understand whats happening but he knows he is going to the hospital for surgery.
I am guessing he will be happy with the results as he gains more and more independence and awareness. Sometimes it doesn't bother him that he wears a diaper and other times I can sense a bit of embarrassment.

Hubby is also having oral surgery on Monday and getting a tooth implant where one was lost.

On Tuesday Ben and I will come home from the hospital. 
He does need to stay overnight and make sure everything is working right.

We got a new basketball hoop!
The kids are loving it!

On Wednesday we have a play to go too-
The True Story of The Three Little Pigs!
Hoping Ben is feeling well enough… hmmmm. 

Later that day we will get the results to Madeline's Neuro psych eval.
For some reason hearing it from a professional leaves me emotionally exhausted.
She has been home for 15 months- I probably already know what the Dr will say but still hearing it from someone else makes it real.
There will be no more questions or wondering if the learning challenges will just go away.
They will not just disappear but we will learn to work with them and teach her despite those challenges.

We got Abby's result a month ago and it was both exhausting and extremely helpful.
No more banging my head against a wall.
It is what it is and we will work with it.
It is very helpful to have both of us there(hubby and I) - to remember it all, to understand it and to process it together.
I feel like I can celebrate her accomplishments and understand her challenges (instead of wondering what am I doing wrong).

Friday is Madeline's surgery.
She has a large hole in her right eardrum that has not closed since she has been home. 
So far her hearing is good but we need to close that hole so it stays that way!

Somebody in our family needs NEW socks!
They love their socks and will never throw them away!
I confiscate them in the laundry room and send them straight to sock heaven(the garbage)!

It has been chilly here and I keep telling them to wear their cozy jammies
they say they are not cold and they are getting ready for summer!
Okay… that works!

The children love their doggies and their doggies love them!
Looks like it was tug-o-war time!
I think Luke was actually trying to play fetch with them ;-)

One slightly annoying doggy kept getting in the middle of our pictures!

This week we sold our old home!
Thank you Jesus!
So thankful to have that behind us
and it frees us up to possibly buy this home!
We will have to see what God has planned for us!
Often times, it's not what we think it will be.
Trying to be flexible for the Lord
(however I am hoping God's plan does not include moving again… and the b-ball hoop can go with us if we need it to!)

Ready or not here we come 


Shelia Jacoby said...

Jean, you have an incredibly busy week ahead. I will have each of you on my prayer list. Love your Goldens:-)

Sarah said...

Wow! You are going to have a busy week. I'm eager to hear how much Ben's surgery helps him. Kaikai is having surgery on his foot next week, as well. Bless you, Jean!

Sally T. said...

Hi Jean,
I enjoy reading your blog! Miss you and hope we can get together soon. Good luck with your busy week. Sally