Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finally… Spring has Sprung!

Our first beautiful day on a weekend!

So we went to the zoo!
and headed straight to the farm area!
Why, you ask?
Well, we kinda want a farm!?

we(I) want to figure out if we love the farm idea more than we love the farm reality!

Decided not to try to pet this big boy!
I think it was a good choice ;-)

Next up was the goats!
Our Auntie Kathy told us- you do not want goats…
she passed away before we could ask her, "why"?
Can someone tell me why do people have goats on their farm?
Goat milk?

They seemed friendly enough but they were eager to eat anything in their site!
Including nibbling on the children's shirts!

The kids, I mean my kids got a kick outta this guy!
He was smiling the whole time and showing his teeth!

Luke loved the floppy ears on this little goat!

And Joey is experiencing so many "first" in his life!
He is amazed by everything!

This is Rosie- such a beautiful calf!
Love those eyes!
We met her Momma Mary in the barn!

Then we met the pigs- very cute!
And a little stinky ;-)

The hen house!
ours would be a little smaller… okay, a lot smaller ;-)

We love our Sunday morning eggs!
Maybe we could get them from our own chicken coop?

Most likely I am dreaming and this won't actually happen!

But, it's still fun!

Figuring in the end… God will save me from myself ;-)

 The children were soooo cute and all wanted their pics taken- oh my, they are such blessings!

there was a baby chick cracking through her shell!
So, of course, everyone wanted to see!

Except Joey and Luke!
Because they have better things to do!

I know, not my best effort at photography!
But still amazing!

Everyone had a partner and it worked out great!

They all go with the flow!
They all love it when we do field trips as a family! 

Just a bonus as we were leaving the zoo!

The tigers came out of hiding and were roaming around!

They are beyond beautiful!
God definitely out did himself once again!

I guess he was thirsty!

We love how they help each other out!
Thank you Ava!

Such amazing blessings on such a beautiful day!


Sarah said...

Well, my policy is that we can get more animals as soon as I am not the main one taking care of the dogs and fish! The girls have been great in taking care of the chickens, so that's a start! (They all really want goats, but I'm sticking to my policy, so we'll see!!)

susan nichols said...

We are a family that adopts children with special needs, home schools and lives on a small farm. It is doable and enjoyable but a lot of work. The reason why most people who dont like goats dont, becuase the bucks get very stinky at breeding season. And I dont mean a little sticky. :) But if you got small Nigerian Dwarf does, females, they would make great farm pets for your family. We have ponies, chickens and goats for milk and cheese! Here is my farm blog...it is conected to our family blog as well. www.sanctuaryfarm.blogspot.com

Anne Krause said...

We had goats (Oberhasli) until my daughter who was in charge of the goats went to college. We never had any males. We had them bred from neighbors' goats, and after the babies were born sold off the males. Goats milk is very good and works great for any of those who have allergy issues with cow's milk! We live on 164 acres - it's good for children to have outdoor responsibilities and room to roam!!

Eileen said...

We have 5 kids and we love our mini-farm. My husband is a dentist and didn't himself grow up with any animals and I never had any farm animals myself, so we've learned on the job. When we moved to our five acres, we decided we'd put horses in the pasture. As much as I love horses, after a few years, we realized that horses were a bit much for us. To keep them safe for kids to ride, they require pretty frequent work and I just didn't have the time. When the horses left, we still needed something to keep the grass down in our pasture. It was actually right before we were leaving to go adopt our second little boy from China when my husband left a message on our answering machine saying, "So, one of my patient's is moving to Cuba for the military and they need a home for their 3 Nigerian dwarf goats, so I said we'd be happy to take them...." I was like, "WHAT?" Anyway, that was over 3 years ago and I absolutely love our goats. They're the easiest animals we've had and they haven't been stinky. We have one female and two neutered males (wethers). They're gentle and funny and they keep our pasture mowed down. I actually want to get some portable fencing so I can move them to other parts of our yard to have them eat down the vegetation. We live in the NW and there are even companies who will bring goats to you just to eat down weeds (I saw one that was called "Rent a Ruminant"). After the goats, we got chickens. They've been great too. It's fun for the kids to get the eggs. When we had something get into our pasture and kill a couple of our chickens, we decided we needed a pasture guard and after doing some research, we got 2 llamas. They're GREAT! We had to travel down to Oregon to find some already-trained llamas and it was worth the extra effort. These were llamas that had been used for 4-H and so they're good with kids and have already been trained to do some packing. We haven't used them for that yet, but we hope to in the future. They're hilarious creatures and despite their size, I don't worry about the kids being around them like I sometimes did with the horses. They don't even have top teeth, so it's not like they're going to bite the kids, and they don't have hooves either, they've got soft feet, so they can't do much damage if they ever kick---not that nice llamas really do either. They have spit at each other a couple of times when they're in a foul mood and both want the food, but they've never once spit at a person. They came to us already halter trained, so the kids can lead them around and they're fun to brush and groom. If you have a garden, llamas are great manure producers--even better than goats and chickens, because they pick a spot and always go to the bathroom there. It's so easy to collect the manure. And not smelly either. So, sorry this is long, but for us, we love our mini-farm and the perfect combination of animals has been goats, chickens, and llamas. THey each have a job to do and they each are sweet and safe and totally amusing. You can probably spot some pictures on our blog at www.scravings.blogspot.com

Emily said...

I grew up on a dairy goat farm, so I am an expert (and compkeyely biased). I do not believe there is a more delightful animal in the world than a goat!!! They are friendly, playful, engaging, they love attention, and are loaded with personality. They will accept your family as part of the herd. We had all the standard goat breeds over the years and found LaManchas (my favorite breed) to be the most docile and sweet, though if you get the goat as a kid, you can socialize any breed well. Goat milk is delicious (only fresh, though...don't judge it based on the store-bought goat milk). Though it is higher in fat than cow milk, the fat is digestible, and it is much better for you than cow milk. Nubians (the floppy-eared breed) have the richest milk, but Nubians are also the noisiest breed. Saanens (solid white) are the biggest milk producers. There are unique characteristics to each breed. It is simple to make goat cheese and I would gladly share my recipe. Goat milk makes the creamiest tapioca pudding ever! Your children would just love to have goats! Just make sure to get females only, and make sure the goat has been dehorned. Contrary to popular belief, goats do not eat everything. They are browsers, not grazers, which means they do not eat off the ground unless they are very hungry. They prefers tree branches and bushes, which is what makes them popular for clearing land. They do love to eat paper products, and they will nibble just about anything. They only have back teeth in the far back of their mouth, though, so they aren't a bite threat unless your children stick their fingers way back in the goat's mouth. The same is true for clothing. The goat won't damage the clothes unless they get the clothes back in their molars. :). Goats are wonderful! If you have the opportunity, go for it. Talk about therapeutic! There's nothing like having a special amimal to love and care for. Oh...one more thing. Goats are very social animals. Make sure you get two goats...a single goat is a lonely goat is a needy goat is a LOUD goat. :)

Emily said...

And I can't spell on my phone...forgive my errors!

Matt Jamie Dailey said...

Chickens are pretty simple. Give them food and water and they give you eggs and eat pests. Any extra eggs the kids can sell for fun money. Go for it!

Sue said...

Great pictures and picture perfect weather. Glad you guys had lots of fun

Jenny said...

I have small Nigerian goats just as pets - they are awesome! About 3 pounds and so fun. We love our chickens also. I think the experience with kids is so worth it!

Becca said...
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Kirstin said...

I love all the comments from those with farms! My husband's sister has what they call a "hobby farm" and we love taking our city kids to visit! I too dream about our own fresh eggs and chickens... and wonder if we would really love it! *smile*

Stephanie M said...

We live on a farm and absolutely LOVE it! It keeps our family together instead of going all different directions, gives us purpose, exercise, and a way for the kids to make money. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it all!
Our goats are pets that keep our laying hens safe from predators. They are sweet, gentle, and love the kids attention.
All the different animals on our farm are great investments, but we really love growing our gardens and produce for a local Organic company too. Nothing better than digging in the fresh soil!
Your field trip looks fabulous. We are enjoying the change in weather too.

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Goat is a four letter word in our house. We had a pair of goats when we lived on 5 acres. They were escape artists! Broke collars, slipped chains, hopped fences... Ugh!

Leslie said...

We love country living! We have 29 chickens (18 ladies, 1 rooster, plus 10 young hens who aren't laying yet). We love having our chickens.

I think I want some goats, but I honestly have absolutely no idea why. We do have a hillside in our backyard that I'd love them to keep down. Goat's milk sounds yum!

Then our DDs want ponies. Still working on that. I have a feeling we'll end up with some ponies or miniature horses eventually.

We have 15 acres plus 65 attached that is only accessible through our driveway and our neighbor across the road owns it. He has given us exclusive hunting rights as well as use of any of it!

We go swimming every day in the creek, the nighttime is so QUIET, and really I can't imagine going back to town or living in a neighborhood. It is wonderful!

We also have a border collie, who happens to be in time out because he won't leave the rooster alone, and two barn cats, who are incredibly sweet (the male) and resourceful (the female).

Go for farm life! I think you'd love it!!!