Monday, May 5, 2014

First Communion and Ben's Surgery

Getting 5 ready for first communion and then another 8 looking "good" was not easy!
All the girls wanted their hair curled and I'm not really very good with hair... I was wishing big sis Katie was her to help me out!

BUT we did it!!
And there was only one hitch- we were short one pair of girls ruffle socks...
That's when I go straight into prayer and send all the girls to look in their sock drawers!
Praise God we found something that would work!
They were so cute as they searched and a couple of kiddos brought me white athletic socks ;-)
Thanks guys but that's not quite what we are looking for!

With all that is happening this week I forgot to invite the big kids until the very last moment.

They were unable to join us. 
But it worked out just fine- Hubby and I were able to give the little kids all of our attention and especially focus on the first communicants.

They were all so excited and a bit nervous!

But they did a GREAT job!

I may have forgotten to talk to them about how to receive the wine...
But I am not necessarily admitting to that... ;-)

So they may have gotten a crash course during the service...
"Just take a tiny sip and don't say yuck!"

We did it- whew!
And they even had this extra large crew bring down the gifts!
Nobody tripped, fell, or broke anything!

Then we went out to dinner!

It was a delightful evening!!

The girls asked if they could wear their dresses tomorrow!
I said no but may look for another opportunity for them to wear their pretty white dresses.
What would you do?

Next year we will have 3 more kiddos having first communion- Abby, Madeline and Ben!

Sam loves life and he embraces every moment!
We love his contagious joy and spirit!

I am at the hospital now with Ben.
This boy also has a happy outlook on life!

They just finished his surgery and he is now having an MRI of the head and neck. 
The surgery went well!
I should be able to see him within an hour!

Praising GOD and exhaling!


Sarah said...

Really eager to hear about the outcome of the surgery. I've been praying for Ben today.

Everyone looked wonderful all dressed up. You did great with the girls' hair! I'm always glad, though, when Lily does Grace's hair. She's much better at it than I am.

Stephanie M said...

Been thinking of you all with all you have going on, and will be praying for you all too! Love the photos, as always!

likeschocolate said...

Praying for Ben! The girls look so beautiful!

Debbie said...

Ben looks so sweet. We are letting our girls wear their fancy flower girl dresses from their sister's wedding to Mother's Day brunch at our club.

Kirstin said...

So glad that the surgery went well, Praise God!
Will be praying or you all.

mewohlwend said...

I can't imagine how busy you must've been getting everyone (and yourself) ready for 1st Communion! Well done!
And, congratulations to your 5 darling first Communicants! My mom enjoyed seeing you after Mass :)
You're in my prayers this week as you endure the surgeries and procedures you have scheduled for the little ones (and Jim!) I'll be anxious to hear how everything goes.

Anonymous said...

Let them wear them again! After 10 years of marriage I still wear my wedding dress just for fun. My girls love seeing me in it. We also eat on my great grandmothers china sometimes just for fun!!