Wednesday, May 14, 2014

His First Birthday At Home!

There is just something special about their first birthday at home!

So many birthdays have passed and gone unnoticed
but not anymore!

From now on they(our children) will be celebrated each and every year on their special day!

This time it was Ben's turn!

Ben has been counting down the days until his birthday,
 for the last 3 weeks!
As his momma/teacher I have enjoyed that he can actually do it!

Like I said in an earlier post - we were going to celebrate it on Sunday but he was just too aware of the fact that it was Mothers Day and that HIS birthday was in two days.

Ben understand concepts that took our other treasures years to learn.

It's like our Johnny (youngest birth child) understood time, months, seasons, etc way before any of our other children. I remember Johnny shocking us at an early age- he was 2-3 yrs old. He was always asking what time it was and then also reading the car clock and understanding it.
He'd say, "What time will we be home?"
Assuming he did understand what he ws talking about we would nonchalantly say "Oh, in 10 minutes." At 3 yrs old he would do the math and let us know how close to being accurate we were…

No wonder he is a math major :-)

I can't say it makes him smarter because I would immediately get emails, text and phone calls from the other 4 older kiddos. BUT, I can say it was just his special talent.

We see that in Ben, too!
A real understanding of these concepts.

We had a good turn out!
Everyone who was invited was able to be attend!
(Tee hee)
That was fun for me to say ;-)

And one more time!
Whose Birthday is it?
Yes, you right!
It's Ben's 8th birthday!

We(the parents) survived Chuck E Cheese!
And of course they all LOVED it!

The noise level in the house was much louder than usual today!
I spent much of the day mumbling to myself and encouraging children to go outside…
So this place was a good fit for the evening!

Life isn't fair!
She got more than her fair share of 

We partnered up!
And these lucky kiddos got to be with us, the parents!
 So the pics are of them!

The children collected many tickets and then bought a small toy/ souvenir with their tickets!
Hubby and I got this place figured out!
We were in and out in two hours and everyone had a great time and left with a full belly!

Back at home we had the present opening!
He wanted a remote control car!
We figured this one would work well in the summer on our slightly rocky driveway!

And then the doorbell rang!
It was Daddy with a new bike for Ben!

He was thrilled!
We have training wheels on it that will hopefully come off in time!?!
He is very good at pedaling, steering and awareness of others so we are just hoping his smaller left leg will work with a bike!

He ordered an ice cream cake from Ben and Jerry's!
It was delicious!

Just love these guys… even though they have been high energy 
Only three kiddos looking the wrong way… no bad at all!

Watching intently!
(This probably was the only silent moment they had all day.)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy To BeN!

So thankful you are HOME sweet boy!

Praying for his birthday wishes!

It was a great day and especially a great evening!
Happy Birthday Ben!
We love you so much and we are so thankful you are HOME!


Sue said...

Happy birthday to you Ben. Looks like you had a wonderful day

Tina Michelle said...

Aw, so sweet! Happy birthday! How in the world can you keep up with so many birthdays. And get the kids to smile all together in the pic! I need to get my 4 to smile together in the pic a little more. hehe The day looks so fun and it is neat to hear he has something in common with an older brother!

Sarah said...

Oh, this post makes me cry. Love their first birthday celebrations!

We were surprised that Kaikai could ride a bike (without training wheels) so quickly. I bet that Ben will be the same way!

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ben! Looks like you have a great celebration with your family. So very happy for you.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Ben! It looks like you had a great time! You are a precious child and so bright. Love hearing the stories your mom tells of you and your siblings.

Jean, I would be interested in hearing more about left leg. My daughter has similar issue I suspect. Would be interested in comparing notes if you have your very busy day. Email me if you would like.

Heather S said...

Hello! I have loved seeing these pictures of Ben's first birthday home. How awesome! We have had our eyes opened to adoption because of your family and other blogging families.

Another family that has adopted 7 children from China is trying to find a home for a boy that is aging out later this summer. They have met him and have a video of their day with them posted on their blog.

Do you know anyone that is interested in an older boy?

Thanks, and Happy Birthday to Ben!