Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day With Many!

It was a wonderful day!
And so good to have so many of us together!

We are trying to group holidays and birthdays together and planned to have this day be BEN's birthday celebration, too. 
However, he is so aware that this was Mother's Day and he was so happy about it- he wished me Happy Mother's Day about every 10 minutes- so sweet.
Feeling blessed to be his Momma
along with all the other treasures who also wished me Happy Mothers Day every 15 minutes!

Ben knows his birthday is in two more days and not today so we decided that we would keep his day on his actual day.
Chuck E Cheese- here we come!

The children went shopping with Daddy yesterday!
I wanted cookie sheets and that's what I got!
The nifty nice ones and no I can throw away the old and icky ones!

The children also had fun picking out candles in the glass jar so we can have spring and summer scents throughout the house!

This was from Mark!
Thanks Honey!

The children loved making me little cards and pictures!
The front and the side of the refrigerator is filled with their artwork!

We also celebrated Mark!
He just heard that he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship!
Congratulations Mark!
It looks like he will be going to Fiji this fall instead of Iowa!
How quickly plans can change.

Madeline is healing nicely and her pain level is very manageable!
I was a little surprised when I took off the bandages and saw they shaved some of her hair off.
Oh well… it will grow back!

We used to have a hoop like this when the bigs were little!
They all love playing on it!

Yes- it is lowered!
Johnny has the hops(good vertical jump) BUT not that much!

Now Sammy is dunking with the help of his big brother!

We all went out for dinner. 
Felt a little cooped up lately with all the medical stuff.

It was good to get out of the house and for us(the parents) to not have to cook!

We are such a large family we don't get to go here very often anymore.
It's one of our favorite places!
The chefs are very entertaining!

We took up two hibachi tables!

We are keeping this little girl very close so her ear does not get bumped.
Anna also wants to be close to us too!
Maybe she has an ounce of jealousy? But, I'm not sayin!
And she likes to take care of anyone who is hurt or ill - maybe she'll be a nurse or a doctor someday?
She just told me, "No, I want to be a scientist like Mark!"
Okay honey, whatever!

As far as flowers…
I scored!
It was a great Mother's Day!


Ty said...

You are blessed for sure!

mewohlwend said...

Loved running in to Jim and most of the children at Culver's on Saturday. They are so darling- patient, helpful, and have reason to be so proud! Sarah recognized my mom from Holy name and asked which Mass we were going to attend this weekend :) They also inquired about our Mother's Day plans and told us about your upcoming trip to Kobe! It was such a treat to see them :)

Glad your week of surgeries went well- I'm sure you're glad to have the week behind you.
You are incredibly deserving of a wonderful Mother's Day, and it looks like your children made you feel appreciated! I know you feel as blessed as I do to be called "mom".

Stephanie M said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jean!

Janet said...

Jean, would you share with us please.....Looks like a chore chart on the cabinet in the last picture, with visual clues. What jobs do the kids have, and how do you make it work. I have trouble finding things that mentally challenged kids can do, without supervision. We all have chores, but some are just busywork, to make that child feel useful and responsible for something.