Friday, May 9, 2014

Post Op And On The Road To Recovery!

Madeline and Hubby left for the hospital at 5:30am!
The surgery went as planned and Madeline handled it as if she had BTDT…
Wait a second... she has BTDT!
I guess familiarity is a good thing!
She didn't even need the iPad to drift off this time.

They were home by 2:00 and all was well!
Her comfort level (with us, her home and her environment) along maturity has made a big difference. She is taking this all in stride, enjoying her special time of TLC and trusting that the results will help her!
I remember after her cataract surgery and the light bulb moment of
"I can see" happened!
It was wonderful!

Once they arrived home the doorbell rang and it was a package for me!
I was certain it was medical supplies as we were waiting for some to be delivered.
BUT, what a pleasant surprise it was to get Mother's Day Flowers from Katie, Andrew and Emily!

As I was opening the package Hubby said-
"I'm sorry honey, they are not from me… but, I wish they were!"

It's okay Honey!
Thank you Katie, Andrew and EMILY!

Everyone was so happy to have Madeline back home.
When one is missing, it is noticed…
And, it just doesn't feel quite right…

And of course when one is recovering it is major TV time for everyone ;-)

It will be a challenge to keep Madeline "laying low" for the next week (Ben too).
Tomorrow we are supposed to un-bandage her ear… I would love to keep it bandaged for another day.
We are kinda big and clumsy at times… maybe I'll call the Dr. and see what he thinks?

After awhile I sent the rest of the gang OUTSIDE for some fresh air!
And let these two rest and play together for a while!

Feeling thankful and exhaling!


Karen Twombly said...

I am so glad to hear that all went well!
I would love a blog post on how you keep your house clean with so much going on! For me, cleanliness gives me a sense of peace but it is hard to keep up with and I only have 7 kids (6 at home, 1 in college)! I would so love to learn from you!
Karen Twombly

Sarah said...

Oh, they are so cute together! I know that we're going to have difficulty keeping Kaikai laying low, as well! Too bad we don't live closer. They could all lay low together. :)

Shelia Jacoby said...

So thankful all went well and both of the children handled the procedures without difficulty.

Sue said...

Jean, you and your family has had a very busy week and I am glad that everything turned out well for everyone. Said a prayer for you that things continue to be smooth sailing

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