Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Baby Is Baptized!

They're HERE!

It is so wonderful to have Katie, Andrew, Emily and Penny(their puppy) in the USA!
They just moved from Stuttgart, Germany and are making the rounds visiting family before settling into their new home in
Colorado Springs!

First they were in Virginia and now it's our turn!
We may have cut into Emily's baptismal cake the night before
Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!
Mmmmmm good!

Sweet baby Emily is wearing her Momma's(Katie's) baptismal gown!

I have no idea how on earth we found it?
Well, actually I do ;-)
Thank you GOD!
It's 28 yrs old and I have no idea where the boys baptismal outfits are?
But somehow, through all of our moves and changes this gown has remained in the master bedroom closet (of 6 homes)!

We are thrilled to have baby Emily baptized in our home church! The church that Katie went to grade school in and had her 1st Communion and Confirmation!

The littles did very well throughout the baptism!
They are used to behaving in our church!

Thank you Father Andrew for going out of your way to have this work out!!

Katie and Cori have been BFF's since they were born! We lived right next door to each other!

 What an amazing blessing to have Cori and David (her fiancĂ©) as Godparents!

Somehow… things just fall into place when the Lord is the priority…
Praising HIM!

It was a wonderful and very personalized baptism!

And of course we had to do some alter pics afterwards!

Three generations!
Me, Katie, Emily and my sister Barb!

The Godparents (David and Corissa) 
and their Goddaughter, Emily!

Members of our family that could be there!
Thank you JESUS!


mewohlwend said...

How fun to see picts of little Emily, here in Minnesota!!! I'm sure you enjoyed having them back "home" for a while. You certainly have been busy with bridal showers, baptisms, and the upcoming wedding. What an exciting time for your family! SO many blessings!!

Sam said...

Blessings to your family on such a wonderful occasion!!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Congratulations! What a special day for your family. She looks so darling in her dress!