Monday, July 28, 2014

Bonfire and Picnic!

Such simple pleasures!

It has rained a lot in MN so the wood is a bit damp, which made it hard to start the fire.

But we were patient and tried twigs, cardboard moving boxes (I hope that means we will be staying here for a long time) and what ever else we could find!

We had a determined crowd!
Nothing was going to get in the way of our fun!

Everyone got to roast their own hot dog!

And put on their own catsup!
As you can see by the looks of Madeline's top and plate!

We had a few casualties but we had extra of everything!

Watermelon, baked beans, chips and all sorts of other healthy food were served ;-)

And gatorade for everyone!
Thank you C*stc* for selling bulk!

We all had so much fun!

It was a perfect evening in the front yard!

Ava is styling- she matches!

Potato chips count as a veggie right?

And last but not least-

Pre req is to be sure to get it -
all over your face!

Luke wanted to enjoy every morsel!

Mia loves them!
Even hubby and I couldn't resist smores!

Good job Luke, you are following directions!

And Ben loved them, too!
Here he is, studying his smore!
He is planning his next bite!

So much fun right in our front yard!


Jo's Corner said...

Put a dab of D*wn dishsoap on that white shirt and let it sit. Takes those stains right out! Love all of the photos.
Hugs ~ Jo

Sarah said...


Janet said...

Simple pleasures are THE best! Lord willing, we move to our farm in a few weeks,we'll have to do a cookout in the fall!
They all got to squirt the ketchup--haha. I do all the food prep assembly line here--squirting their own ketchup is a simple pleasure too=)

Stephanie M said...

Love these photos!! What we love to do here in WI too...campfires with healthy food ;0)