Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For 36 hours!

I snuck away and visited our kids in Colorado!

It's hard not living near our grand baby, Emily.  
So I am going to need to take some quick trips to see them... as often as possible!

She has changed since our last time with her- just 4 weeks ago.
She is smiling and smiling now!
Her sweet face lights up with joy and her whole body wiggles with delight!
She loves to study faces- especially her Nana's face!
She likes bling!
Earings, bracelets, watches and Nana's glasses!

Mr and Mrs Mulvahill-
more commonly known as Matt and Caitlin came over for the evening!
They are as happy as can be!

It was so wonderful being with my 2 bigs, my son and daughter in love and baby Emily!

I could listen to them chat and laugh all night long!
It brings me such joy and peace when I see my bigs get together!

The view form their deck!!

It was Caitlin birthday just a couple days ago so we had a mini celebration!!

I am enjoying every minute of our sweet baby girl!
Praising God for His many blessings and for this moment in Colorado!

Katie, Andrew and Emily are in their home now!
It's not easy being in limbo due to an international move but they have handled it very well!
Their furniture should arrive this weekend!
I brought a blow up mattress to sleep on and slept like a baby 
(this is my idea of camping)!

So thankful for this treasured time with our grand baby Emily!
(Katie, Andrew, Matt and Caitlin, too ;-)

Soon it will be time to head to the airport...

I am always excited to return to our children at home but also so thankful for a moment away-
it's a bit refreshing!


Sarah said...

How wonderful!!!

Vicky said...

I love the photos of you and baby Emily! Precious! Time away is always a good thing!

Wendy said...

Your little Emily looks just like you!!!! Enjoy!!!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh MY, how FUN! Hanging out with the big kids is just priceless!

And that little Emily is getting cuter and CUTER by the minute! Goodness gracious, what a dolly.