Friday, July 25, 2014

Longing For A Family!

This sweet boy is here in the USA for only 3 weeks…

The family that hosted him is unable to adopt him.

Everyday he looks at the calendar and begs not to go back to China…

Sadly, he only has 2 more days left here in the USA.
His new family would need to go through the traditional adoption process.
But, that also means he could be home within 8-9 months!

He longs for his very own forever family…
(Above, he is in the green shirt and light shorts.)

He is 7 years old (IMO a perfect age to be adopted)!
He is engaged and interested in everything.
He loves all types of American food!
His only special need is a slight ear deformity.

If you are interested in adopting this dear child - the contact information is below!

He is the cute little guy in the green shirt with the grin from ear to ear!
Praying his family will find him!


Judy Deaton said...

Praying with you!! How heartbreaking for him to have to go back! Please God send him a family to love him!

TeamOehlkers said...

Hi Jean ~ I sent you an email at your gmail account but I'm feeling impatient so please forgive me! I can't stop thinking about this boy and my husband would like me to follow up on him too :) Do you have any more info like his Chinese name or agency id name? There was no answer at the contact number when I tried to call last week. If I call the agency again I will try to talk to someone else but I feel I should have some sort of name or identification to reference. Thanks!
~Chris in Colorado