Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Fun - Horse camp!!

(Obviously, I am doing a little catching up with posts- 
usually I am  not able to get so many done so quickly.
But, I want to share and document our summer fun!)

Mia and Melissa went to horse camp!
(It was right after the 4th of July)
They were so so so excited!

Sarah and Ava take lessons at the same stable!
As it turned out Mia had Sarah's horse- Whiz!

And Melissa had Ava's horse- Gilbert!

This fall Mia and Melissa will be joining Sarah and Ava in horseback riding lessons!

I have always loved horses…
Sooooo, I am pursuing a childhood dream and I will be riding this fall, too!
Yikes, I can already feel it in my thighs…
I am hoping it will be away for me to relax and just enjoy these beautiful animals
along with some special time with 4 of our more capable children.
But I am concerned that
I will be sitting on top of one of these beauties making our latest grocery list and thinking of all the other things I should be getting done
; - )
Praying to relax and enjoy!

The stable is only 2 miles from our home!
And the teacher says she'll go easy on me!
I'm hoping my 56 yr old knees can handle it!

Whiz is such a gentle horse BUT he has very large teeth!

Next year there will be a few new campers at horse camp!
Sam, Anna, Ben and Ellie would like to do it too!
We will see who is ready (mature and confident enough plus we need to see how the can accommodate some of our special needs)!

My dream would be for us to have a couple horses
we will see…
Not sure if the reality of having horse is as good as the dream!

We will see what God has planned for us!


anyabar1987 said...

Riding can be a good therapy for special needs

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

When the kids have lessons, are they involved in the whole shebang? Wiping down, cleaning the stalls, maintaining the horse? It's good experience for becoming responsible.

I'm terrified of horses, my cousins think I'm nuts. The ones in WI & MN all ride.

Have a good rest of summer.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I remember being in love with horses when I was there age! I am sure they were in heaven!

Janet said...

What fun! Our oldest, now 23, started taking lessons about 6th grade. At one point a couple of years ago, she even worked and lived at a stable--she loved it! I'll let you know if the reality is as good as the dream--our farm comes with a horse--of course our oldest will have to come give us lessons on caring for her.

Blue said...

Jean, you might look into Tall In The Saddle, an organization that helps kids with special needs to ride horses. I don't know if they can be helpful to you, but it might be a place to start.