Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Fun- Lotsa Critters!

(I'm posting at warp speed- gotta get caught up!)

The children love playing outside and finding all sorts of critters and bugs!

A few of them are plentiful around our home!
 Mosquitos being one of them!
So we welcome ANYTHING that wants to EAT THEM!

Sam is one of our #1 critter catchers!

So when I was out running errands I bought lots of this!
No bathroom or sink shall be without this!

Dragonflies galore!
Even though I am not a bug person, I love that they are outside exploring our corner of this amazing world God has blessed us with!
Sometimes they want to bring their treasures inside the house to show me-
 excuse me,
um, no thank you!
Get back outside with that thing and if you want to know more about it,
 I'm happy to g**gle it!

Disclaimer: all critters and bugs are quickly returned to their natural habitat!
Nothing is kept in captivity for a prolonged period of time!

And Ben caught the mother of all dragonflies!
It was huge!

And as a special gift they brought me these little friends!
I actually do like toads and frogs!
But, my goodness, I have never seen sooooo many of them at one time!

There has been plenty of rain and we have wetlands near us.
The children could actually scoop up a handful of them at one time just in our yard!

I told them to put them over by the wetlands because the lawn guy had arrived with his very large lawn mower (ouch if you're a toad!)…

Anyways, I hope they helped themselves to lots of mosquitoes!

And the wasps have been plentiful too! We killed about 15 nests and when pest control came they found 27 more live nests…
There's even one in our mailbox!
So far one of our doggies, Mia, Ava and Hubby have been stung.

Please tell me if these guys are good for anything- I do not see a purpose for wasps in this world?
It's not like they're producing honey or doing anything useful...

Ava loves the outside and catching whatever she can find!

Since this is our first spring and summer here in this house we are always finding something new that's blooming!
It is really quite delightful!

And- do you have any clue what these are?

We are completely enjoying our summer and so thankful for this blessed spot that we are currently residing in!
Praising GOD!


amatta2 said...

Great photos! Your berries are gooseberries.

Vote Van Denburgh said...

No, those are currents. They make good jam.

c smith said...

We have lots of frogs too. Our pool is full of them, you would think the chlorine would keep them out, but nope! It's hard to tell if those are gooseberries or currants without knowing the size. The leaves of both are very similar, but gooseberries are larger and look more like striped grapes. Currants are smaller and more round, I'm leaning toward currants. Both are yummy!

ourchinagirls said...

I would vote on them being gooseberries. Either one they will make a great jelly.

Lindsey Z. said...
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Lindsey Z. said...

Yikes about the wasps! Those are meanies!
If you don't mind me asking, what agency are y'all using to bring home your Amazing Grace? My family has been praying about adoption and have been look into different ones. :)

Thank you so much and have a wonderfully Blessed week!

Zanmei said...

I've eaten fried wasps in China before. My Chinese friends consider them to be a delicacy. They actually taste quite good, and it could be that they have some nutritional value!

Jessim said...

Apparently the 'good' of wasps is that 1) they do work as pollinators, 2) they control the insect population by eating live insects and 3) they scavenge dead insects to feed their young, which prevents the world from being a giant dead insect burial ground.

God seems to have had a plan for all the things he put here. I just wish their sting didn't hurt so badly.

Jennie said...

Jean, Enjoyed reading about the critters! To your question regarding the wasp, it brought to mind the following quote:

"The Lord in His wisdom made the fly, And then forgot to tell us why".

Maria said...

These berries are red currants.

kristibowman said...

definitely gooseberries. make great perserves.