Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Belated Post - Our July Birthday's!

July is a busy month for us!
Lots of birthdays!
Caitlin's birthday is the first one!

Then it's Ellie's birthday and the very next day is Emma's birthday!

And the day after Emma's birthday is Joey's Birthday!
There's no time to rest around here!

We took all of our kiddos to the Mall of America for the day!

Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and wrist bands for everyone at Nickelodeon Universe!

As you can see we had some very happy kiddos!

Everyone loved it!
And dots ice cream (or whatever it is) was included with the wrist bands!
My camera ran out of batteries soooo no more pics from the MOA…

The next day was the birthday party for the 3 birthday children!
Of course it looks like JOey got more gifts but he didn't everyone gets 4 gifts for their birthday!
It's just that a safari truck is larger than shirts and cami's.
And plastic wild jungle animals are larger than 500 piece puzzles.
A police car that make lots of noise is larger than a craft project(a jewelry box to decorate)…

Everyone was thrilled with their gifts!

This is the first time he has EVER celebrated his birthday!
He has a limited vocabulary but when he said 
"wow, this is amazing"
it was loud and clear
and so full of JOY!

Very quickly personal space was a thing of the past!
The crowd kept getting closer and closer!

He had no expectations at all and was so surprised with every little thing that happen!

Golly, I rather like slightly blurry pics!
It takes off years- However, if you meet me in person… I have wrinkles!

So proud of our two special girls!
They really are a joy and they both love celebrating their birthdays!

It was only us (the 15 of us) that celebrated but we still got dressed up and enjoyed the party!
Our older kids are not able to attend most of our birthday parties anymore - 
we have sooooo many now!
And actually we are trying to make it a little easier on the parents.
In other words have a special time with the kids but don't overdue it...
We still get to see the bigs about 2-3 times a month- when they can come over!

They each got to pick out their own cake!
I knew they would never go to waste in this family!

Joey chose Milk and cookies on top and carmel chocolate chunk on the bottom from Ben and Jerrys!
Joey turned 6! 
He is about the size of a 3 year old- still waiting for a growth spurt?

Someday I will video us singing Happy Birthday-
We do not have a musical family!
Oh my… it's awful BUT it's happy!

Our little Joe is just thrilled!

Emma chose chocolate cake and fudge frosting from our favorite bakery!
Emma turned 14 years old!

And Ellie chose mint chocolate chunk on top and cookies and cream on the bottom from Ben and Jerry's!
Ellie turned 12 years old!

The birthday cakes were seriously delicious!
Happy Birthday Caitlin, Ellie, Emma and Joey!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Happy Birthday to everyone!

ZetteLolo said...

Happy birthdayssssssssssss ! July was my birthday too ;-)
love looking so happy faces !
If you agree, I'd ba happy to send cards to yourkids (from France) for their birthdays... Just sendme a mail with birthday- days and names,and your address and I will send a card (for you too, if you want).
I love reading your blog, so that it would be a pleasure for me to send a card.


Hanna said...

Love to see your children very happy on their birthdays!

Jboo said...

So sweet -- lots of fun celebrating! The kids look great and so do you! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your precious children!