Thursday, August 21, 2014


Benjamin David and Joseph Michael were baptized on August 10th!
Praising the Lord Jesus for these dear children!

We are so thankful that they have joined our family!
They have both been such a blessing!

I do love it when they wear the same thing…
I may have issues!
But they're good issues!
Can't wait to get Grace in the mix here!

Their Godfather's are Mark and Johnny!
Love how they all, love each other!

The baptism was after the service.
The teen group joined us!
We shared a bit of our story and then did the baptism.
It was really nice to have them join us!

Everybody did so well throughout the baptism!

We love Father Steve!

So sweet!
Joey is not quite sure what he's getting into!
Look at that face- he is so precious!

He handled it beautifully!

And now it was Ben's turn!

He loved getting his candle!

May your light burn bright sweet boy!

And yours too, dear child!

We have been blessed!
Praying that they will see how God is blessing them!
It's attitude
it's choosing to see
 because it's all there right in front of each one of us!

You did it!

And you did, too!

The kids with Fr. Steve!

All of us!

And then, a celebration at our favorite Chinese restaurant!
Hubby and I have been going here since we were newlyweds!
Who knew that some day we would be bringing 13 blessings from China and our bigs here,
 32 years later!

GOD is sooooo amazingly good!


Maria said...

what a wonderful family!
thank you for sharing with us.

Sally R said...

Sweet treasures!!!

Sarah said...

Yes, He is good! Love your family, Jean!

likeschocolate said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful summer you are having!

Sherri said...

What a blessing! I love seeing children accept Jesus as their LORD and SAVIOR!