Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Guess Who's Coming Back!

You guessed it!

And we are soooo excited to see them!

Because we love them soooo much!

And we are in awe with this sweet little baby girl!

And her Momma!
(and her Daddy!)

We have soooo much fun when ever we are with them!

And sweet Emily loves her Great Auntie Barb, too!

The children LOVE playing in the backyard with Andrew!

Andrew got a game of kickball going!

I think this was their first time playing this game!

Love this pic!
All these pictures are from early to mid June- the last time they visited us at our home!

My other camera was "lost" for quite awhile so I couldn't post the pictures from our time together.
Baby Emily was only 2 months and 1-2 weeks old at the time.

After kickball it was time for baseball!

And Dad came out to play!

We are missing a few players in the outfield!
It seems everyone wants to be "at bat"!

Sarah's turn!

Good hit Sarah!

Sam loved it on top of Andrew's shoulders!

And Mia hits a line drive!

The kids love our trampoline!

Yay Madeline!!

Momma and baby enjoying some time outside!

She's looking serious!

WoooooHoooooo Sarah!
Great hit!

Then we snuck inside to have some baby holding time!

Sarah was so thrilled to hold her sweet niece!

And then it was Ava's turn!

And holding Emily made her day!

Then it was Ellie's turn!

And she loved it every bit as much as Sarah and Ava!

Mark got his turn after dinner!

It is such a blessing having a baby around!

And once again it was Billy's turn!

Emily is almost 5 months now!
We are so excited to have them come back to see us!
I know… a lot of exclamation marks ; - )

I just had to get all of these fun pics on the blog before the new ones are up!

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Karen said...

Did I miss the story of what happened to Mia's leg? Looks like everyone has so much outdoor fun together!