Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Boating!

We had to wait until August to get out on the boat for the first time.
Because of all the snow and rain we had in the winter and spring the whole lake was a "no wake" zone.

And we knew going super slow with this crew was not going to work.
They like speed and FUN!

Many others agreed because the lake was quite quiet for much of the summer.
It's a big lake and hard to get from one place to the next if you have to go super slow.

This was Joey and Ben's first time boating and they loved it!

The Captain of the boat was quite handsome!

The lake was not to busy and that made it even nicer for us!

The view from the back of the boat!

It is so pretty on the lake!

No napping this year!
Last year we have pics of everyone asleep on the boat!

We stopped and ate dinner at a restaurant on the lake!

They loved watching the little fishes!

Dad is showing the children the route we took to get to the restaurant!

And the girls are planning where we will go next, after dinner!

 We ate before the crowds arrived!

It was such a delightful evening on the lake!

Love spending time with these wonderful children!

Such a delightful evening!


Drive faster Daddy, drive faster!


Laura L. said...

Fun pictures. Your comment of, "The captain was so handsome" made me smile. Fun to see you guys yesterday.

Janet and Kevin said...

What a fun way to spend a summer evening! Even though we are back at homeschool, we still visit an area water park when they have their extended summer fun hours. It makes us feel like we are still on vacation for that short bit of time! Lovely!

kimjax said...

Looks like lots of fun, Jean! :) Beautiful lake!

Sarah said...

That's awesome!