Thursday, October 16, 2014

Everybody Needs...

a daughter like Sarah, in their lives!

I get busy sometimes...
And just keep working,
managing our life, the appts and schooling!

But this sweet girl comes in and cleans up the mess!
It actually makes me feel so good!
The clutter is cleaned and Momma can think once again 
and move on to the next project, appt, etc!

Thank you so much, Sarah!
It makes me feel so good and so loved!

We take care of each other around here!
I can get so much more done when it looks like this!
Thanking God for our sweet and helpful daughter!


Sally R said...

Sweet Sarah!

Tina Michelle said...

That is so what family is for! I love the proud look on her face. Awe!

Leslie White said...

I have always loved her smile. What a gift from Jesus!

Terry said...

And she's beautiful too! :)