Monday, October 27, 2014

Everything Emily!

Oh My, our sweet little girl is growing so fast!

She is 6 1/2 months now and I have not see her since she was 5 months old...
It hard on this Nana to go soooo long without seeing her sweet baby girl.

My goodness, I miss her so much!
I want to hold her!
Emily still has blue eyes like her to two grandmas(Evelyn and I)!
Katie and Andrew have hazel (green/brown eyes) so it was a surprise to all of us that they have stayed blue!
(all four of Katie's brothers have blue eyes, too)

These pics have been sent to me over the last 6 weeks.
They are not in chronological order.

 Since we last saw her she is now- rolling over, sitting up and pulling herself to a stand!
I know... don't say it... I've missed the best 6 weeks of her life...

She's ready for their Oktoberfest party and matching her Momma!

This pic was before she was officially sitting up.
Katie put her down for a nap (in her newborn napper) and she quickly popped up-
"What Mommy? Your leaving so soon?"
I believe this was her last nap, in the newborn napper ;-)

She has gone through quite the growth spurt lately and is weighing in at 17.5 lbs!
I think it all went to her cheeks!
...just kidding!

she thought it was funny!

This is Emily's first cousin Greyson.
They don't look a bit alike, do they?

We are blessed to have the technology where we can get pics of our darling girl just as it is happening! So thankful for that!
Plus, we get lots of videos too- so we can see her meet the new milestones as it happens!

Katie and her friends made these tactile boards.

I think she's gifted!
What do you think?
wink, wink!

They are ALL gifted in their own special way!!


Sarah said...

Such a precious little lovie!

Jennie said...

Chubby cheeks, and thunder thighs and arms - Emily is a picture of robust health - beyond adorable!

Sally R said...

Three beauties!!! Love the grandma, the mama and the baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Emily is an adorable baby doll! She has the sweetest smile. Oh my goodness, how she has grown. She is a beautiful little Pumpkin :))

Ellie@STLSeniorDog said...

Sooo beautiful! Would you happen to have instructions on how to make those tactile boards?

Leslie said...

Emily is adorable!!!! Oh my goodness!!!

And yes, Katie is very gifted. That board is wonderful!!! I wish I had had one of those when mine were younger. How smart! (Mommy and baby)

I know you miss them so much Jean. Hugs!

Janet said...

In the pumpkin patch, look at the location of the pumpkins. Is this a hidden hint??? or just a random coincidence?
Inquiring minds want to know=0

Jboo said...

Oh my -- she is just adorable! What a cutie!! Quick -- a trip to visit is in order for you pronto!