Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Johnny!

We didn't have a party planned but Johnny decided to come home the night before his birthday!
Which made this family VERY HAPPY!

And it just so happened that his brother Billy decided to come over too!
So we had an impromptu birthday party!

Johnny had a game the next day so he was hoping for a good meal and some extra rest!
Of course, teasing a certain little brother was also part of the FUN!

They both eat it up!
Johnny was not meant to be the youngest- God knew he needed little brothers!
In fact one of the times we told him that we were planning to adopt again-
Johnny wasn't so sure about it.
But then we told him it was a little boy and he saw the pic of Sam (at 4 yrs old),
he was all for it!

Ava is giving us all a lesson- she's all about books and all about fun!

And here we have Mia reading... ah, honey?
Excuse me!
Your book is upside down  ; - )
I'm gonna need to talk to her teacher!
Oops, that would be me!

Okay, I think she may be hiding from the camera!

This boy is sooooo proud of his purple cast!
He chose purple right away because it's Johnny's school color!
Joey has struggled a bit with knowing his colors.
But he knew purple right away!
He said, "Purple, Johnny soccer!"

When it came to light blue he looked at it and said,
"I don't know that one!"

I think someone is getting a little tired!

Love you three, but you look like your up to something!?!

Awww, the birthday boy and his big bro!
Missing you Matt and Mark...
Um, Katie too!
And Andrew, Emily, Caitlin, Kelly and Laukii!
and we look forward to more "AND's"

We had Johnny b-day cake after the game!
I can't believe my baby from the first crew just turned 21!
It's all going by too fast...
A couple of the families served the team dinner and we brought the cake ; - )

So thankful to our GOD!


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Johnny

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday, Johnny!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Hi Jean,
At Mass yesterday, while kneeling after communion, you and your family came to my heart. I laid your family and your special intentions at His feet. Will continue to pray.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To You, Johnny :))). My prayers continue.....xo

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your Johnny! Looks like a fun family day.

franseym said...

I just started reading your wonderful blog and enjoy it very much. I am the grandmother of 2 China beauties. they are the light of my life. I noticed that your Ava Marie looks a lot like my Zoe. both of my granddaughters are from Guangxi. I wonder if our girls could be cousins.
Blessings. Fran