Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Mia!

Our sweet girl has been home since Feb. 2013.
I am amazed at the progress she has made in only 20 months!

One more time!
Who's birthday is it?

We met our darling daughter when she was 11 yrs and 3 months old.
Her shirt says it all!
"Love is all you need!"

She had not received any of the gifts, pictures or letters that we had sent to her.
She was not prepared to meet her new parents and family.
It was a struggle for her- Bless her Heart!
And now she is blossoming!
She is doing so well and we are so proud of her!

Once again the crowd(that would be family) gets closer!

I love the bond that these two have formed!
It has made it so much easier for Mia to adjust to all that is new!

And the crowd just keeps getting closer and closer!

She is a princess and a true blessing to us!

And these two... sit near the parents ALWAYS!
Partners in crime!

Happy Birthday Mia!
She is taking horseback riding lessons now and absolutely loves it!

Mia will be getting braces in the future.
Her orthodontist does not feel that she is 13 yrs old. 
Her lower 12 yr old molars should erupt in about 6-12 months but the uppers have a long long way to go...
All our other children have had their 12 yr old molars coming in within 6-8 months of their birthdays.
We sometime wonder how old she really is?
He thinks she is 12 yrs old at best.
The endocrinologist says 12 also... but then she also says plus or minus 6 months...

Sometimes it makes me sad for the lost information.
These kids deserve to know more...

Ava is a very witty and cheerful girl!
She has now claimed the princess crown!

This cake is exactly what Mia ordered!

Good job Sarah!

Happy Birthday Mia!
I love how happy Sarah is for Mia!

Happy Birthday to YOU!
We are blessed to have you in our family!


Vicky said...

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Mia looks happy and I'm thankful she found her forever family! Love makes all the difference!

Kendall, Huai Xia Song, is always happy to see Mia's photos!

Mom Of Many said...

Happy Birthday Mia!! You are beautiful and I am so thankful God made you - He had such a very wonderful idea!! Sending birthday hugs from Africa!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I know what you mean not to know for sure on birthday and age. I have written you before in regards to our daughter Avery. Her birthdate says she was three in September, but at least 4 people now say that she is only 2 or within that range as she does not have her 2 year old molars. The Pediatrician believes she is 2 along with the social worker and the Physical therapist. So happy Mia has bloomed! I know she really had a hard time when she first met you guys. Ok, I have always wondered??? How do you feed all those kids with such a small cake.

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday, Mia. Her smile makes my heart smile.....just as all of your children do. Mia is a precious jewel.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Mia always makes me smile. When she came into your family I took one look at her and said that one's full of pee and vinegar and she's going to have a wonderful adventure in life.

Her birthday looked wonderful. So glad she had fun.