Sunday, October 5, 2014

More Summer Fun- A Little Bit Late!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers!
They are deeply appreciated!
If you can please continue praying!
We will let you know when all is well.

This is from way back in June!
I forgot to post this- oops!
Auntie Mimi brought bandanas to the shower for Caitlin and Matt!

We made good use of them once the party was over!

These children just have sooooo much fun!

And Auntie Barbie brought candy for all the kids!

2 bags per child…

The kids loved it!

The parents…
not so much…

It looks like we will be heading back to the dentist...
sometime soon!

But we love seeing our kids

Thanks Barb… kind of  ; - )

My kiddos were walking 
in and out, 
 in and out, 
and in and…
well, you get it!
Even after I told them to be outside and enjoy it-
stop the in and out stuff!
They didn't stop, so I locked the door!
I think they "get it" now!

Yes, I laughed... I couldn't help it!
They were all so cute being locked out!

We went to the play Shrek the musical at the Minneapolis Children's Theater!
It was soooooo good!
Hubby took the pic!
Usually I go with the children during the day but sometimes Dad joins us- we love it when he comes!

It's fun to look back at what we did over the summer.
It always goes by toooo fast when you live in MN...


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Will continue to pray for your family. Locking them out is funny. The bandanas remind me of the kids from the Sound of Music.

lizzielou said...

Still praying!

Anonymous said...

Seeing your beautiful children, and you sharing your lives...makes my heart so happy. Even though I don't comment often, I always look so forward to your posts. The way you live your lives, your faith, love and compassion are an inspiration to all of us. I feel so blessed that I am allowed to share in your lives. It means so much to me, and makes my faith even stronger. I am always praying for your precious family, and lots of extra prayers as you are now walking through these difficult days. God bless and be with each one of you. Big hugs to you across the many miles xo

K said...

The kids are super cute in those bandanas! It reminds me of the Sound of Music, too.

I wondered if you could take a minute and peek at my latest post on my blog and ask your husband if he could offer any advice. I'm looking for a man's opinion to another man who is considering a life with a single mom who had kids through adoption, kids with special needs at that.

BTW, I've been praying for you and your family, too. I hope that you'll soon find the answers you need about your situation. It sounds like a tough one.

ZetteLolo said...

Thank you for sharing. I pray for you too, just pray for your family (I'm not onFB anddon't know what about your pain is, but I pray, just for your family, for a better being....
Love from France,

Anonymous said...

My prayers continue......without ceasing. My love to you and your family, Jean.