Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thank you!

God is just that 
Yes, He is!

Thank you for your prayers!
We feel them and we are encouraged by them.

During times of trials
 it is hard to see HIM.
At first my mind was not open to HIS comfort but then he opened my eyes and my heart.
We know He is near and we are so thankful.

Over the last two weeks God has sent many signs of comfort
40-50 blue jays frolicking in our front yard and searching for acorns.
Our children had gathered buckets and buckets of them and had set them in the front yard.
It made their hunt easy and our viewing absolutely beautiful!
The squirrels and the blue jays are squabbling a bit over their findings!

He sent a beautiful rainbow on one side and on the other a perfect sunset that lit up the sky.

He has sent 2-3 deer each morning.

A herd of wild turkeys.

Okay... He may have sent a coyote, too.
But we said "No Thank You" to that!

Then, it was two beautiful eagles that soared and circled over our neighborhood.

Next it was a giant beautiful red moon!
I had a dream after my father passed away-
his face was the moon and he was as big as this moon!
He spoke to me but sadly I could not hear him.
However, his smile was so comforting and I could tell he was pleased.

I dreamed that my mother came and hugged and comforted me.
Funny thing is she was much younger than me and as cute as can be!
Skinny jeans and boots!

Your prayers are making a difference.

We know who is in control and it is comforting!

Thank you for your kindness, for your prayers and for your precious time!
I wish I could hug every one of you!

(Please continue to pray! I will tell you when it is time to exhale!)


Wendy said...

So happy to see you are experiencing signs of Him watching over you and being in control. Still praying.

Rebecca said...

Psalm 145... Praise is the antedote for doubt:)

Leslie White said...

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God..." That's the only verse we really need! His sovereignty at creation has just been shown to you in a magnificent way and as a reminder that He's got "this." I love how He can use His creation to remind us all that He's big enough and powerful enough and loving enough to meet us right where we are with what we need!

Craig and Joan said...

Thank YOU Jean, for sharing the wonderful signs of comfort and reassurance you are receiving. I find that often in times of duress, it can be easy to overlook those things you listed as signs that God is present. It's a good reminder to me to make it my intent each day to focus on any and all good things as a way to show appreciation for God's grace. Sending more prayers your way!

lizzielou said...

I love this, this is so good to hear how God is comforting you through many times that has happened to me too, that He sends animals to bring me joy in times of sorrow. Still praying sweet friend xoxoxo

Brenda Fung said...

Continuing to think of you and hope for peace.

Jennifer P said...

Thank you for always pointing us towards a God that is able to do beyond what we can imagine.

Anonymous said...

So thankful for your signs from God. We know He is able. Jean, witnessing your faith....Always makes my faith stronger. You are such a beautiful blessing. My prayers continue. :))

Sammy said...

These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold--though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

1 Peter 1:7