Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a marvelous day!
We have so much to be thankful for!

Everyone pitched in and helped prepare for the holiday!

 Kids vacuumed under the table...

Vacuumed the rugs around the house- especially the mudroom...

Where these two puppies hang out when they are not outside.

They set the tables and folded the napkins!

And then they put on all their winter gear and played in the snow!

Except someone may have had his boots on the wrong feet?

Once they were done with sledding they all came in and put on their (kinda) nice clothes!

Some of the children are taking piano lessons(keyboard kids) - Ava, Melissa, Ben and Anna.
They other kids are learning from them!
We may have a few others try piano too if they have an interest!
Mia will be next!

Everyone was so joyful and excited for the day!
It was our first Thanksgiving in this house!

I think I may have caught Mark mid sentence!
He came home for the holiday!

I know Mark really loves his family-
I am guessing we were not the main reason he came home...
I'm guessing his girlfriend may have been a higher priority!

Ellie recited her thanksgiving poem from school for the family!
She did a great job!
She is so proud to be able to do this!
And we are so proud of her!

Last year at this time Hubby and Mark were in China.
Auntie Barbie took the children and I out for Thanksgiving dinner.

They went to China for two very important boys!
This year we are together at home enjoying and celebrating God's Blessings!

We are so thankful you are home
Ben and


Laukii and Mark brought an asian chicken dish and a Hawaiian dessert!

It was sooooooo good!
I am going to have to borrow the recipe and fix it for dinner in the future!

The eight youngest children sat together and the rest of us sat at the round table!
It's nice because the two tables are so close together!
Our thanksgiving day meal was delicious!

And then Auntie Barbie came over and low and behold we were both wearing our brown leggings and brown boots!
My sister is FUN!

Billy and Kelly also joined us a bit later!
So grateful to God for family!
We miss you
Matt, Caitlin, Katie, Andrew and Emily.

I ordered the 4 younger girls Matilda Jane dresses- love them!

Johnny played piano when he was younger!

He wasn't so good at it...

And he inherited my singing voice...
(Emma thinks he is soooo funny!)
Nope, music is not his thing...
 Thankfully he's good at soccer, though!

Love you guys!

Sooooo Thankful!


kimjax said...

Your family is so CUTE, Jean! :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

Laura L. said...

Great post. Fun little window into your celebration. :)

Annie said...

Looks like an awesome day my friend! What a beautiful family you have!

likeschocolate said...

Happy Thanksgiving !