Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homeschooling - Pioneer School

We spent the day at Cahill School and Marm Erickson taught the children!
Joey and Luke could not join us... 
they where too young for pioneer school.
Em and El were at their school, so they were not with us either.

Four other families joined us!

Sarah went on this field trip once before and loved it!
As the children came home, I knew we wanted to do this again so they all could experience it!

Doing this after our visit to Laura Ingalls Wilder's home and museum was perfect - they all had their outfits!

The children LOVED hearing about and experiencing life back in the early 1900's.

They wrote on slate boards with chalk.
If you erased your answer too quickly, it was counted wrong.

We brought our lunch in pails and baskets!
BUT umm, some one in the group may have brought lunchables... 
I'm not sure who it was...

What a way to kill a pioneer experience, huh?
I don't what to judge BUT she may have had a bundle of kids and was a bit too busy to make 9 lunches ahead of time...

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize this dear boy is actually HOME!

Some of the girls knew each other and some of them just met.
Either way, they all got along beautifully and they are friends now!

Some time,
 silence is GOLDEN!

"Try, try again"
I love this motto!

Marm Erickson read a story to the children. 
She also taught us how the children would bring their lunch to school.
They would use pails or baskets but some of the lucky kids had a lunchbox.
That is an old fashion lunchbox on her lap.

After we ate the children cleaned up,
 just as they did over 100 years ago.
Then, we played games like "button, button where is the button", danced and had a spelling bee!

She gave the children words from their grade in homeschool, which worked perfect for us!

It was a WONDERFUL experience!
So thankful we were able to do this and for the wonderful families that joined us!


altman5 said...

That looks so cool! I bet they had a great day. :)

ourchinagirls said...

Where did you get your dresses? My daughter needs one for her trip to an old school.

Lisa said...

Marm Erickson (Mrs. E) was one of my 1st grade teachers at Glen Lake Elementary School back in 1973. So cool to see that she's still teaching! Love her!!

Unknown said...

We have a place like this here in Michigan! Looks like the kids really enjoyed themselves and had an awesome experience!