Friday, November 14, 2014

In the Midst of the Storm

We have been blessed in so many ways this fall.

The weather has been beyond perfect!
Beautiful leaves that stayed on the trees until the 20th of October.
Sunny days and mild temps in the 50's and above!

We have enjoyed cheering on Johnny's soccer team and meeting the new families, players and friends!
The children love doing lots of gymnastics on the sidelines!

We have been blessed with abundant wildlife to enjoy-
40-50 blue jays in our yard for a couple days to a week(although this little guy did not quite catch the flight south), daily morning visits from a mother deer and her fawn, wild turkeys and a wily coyote in the front yard! The squirrels have enjoyed the many acorns from our oak trees and it has been a banner year for the mice, too.

Wait a second... I'm not sure about praising God for the mice...
But it has made us think about having a few outdoor cats- so I will praise God for the outdoor kitties that we have considered ;-)

We have seen more eagles this fall than we have seen in all of our lives! They soared over our home, over our community and even over the soccer games countless times.

Our children's health is great and God has guided us through a questionable illness with Abby that we now know was a reaction to "too much" of her medication.
The Doctors have learned and so have we about the signs and symptoms of too much chelating medication.
It can be a bit of a mystery when your child is the only child with this diagnosis.
(Beta Thalassemia and Congenitol Siderblastic Anemia).
They now have a better idea on what dose works best for Abby.
Thankful, just plan thankful!

We had a taller door put on the garage and Sylvia fits in perfectly!
 She is ready for the winter!

We have gone through 40 more boxes from our move last year and the garage is close to being emptied of ALL boxes!
Hubby has bought me a new (used) Yukon XL that can handle the Minnesota winter roads and weather!

A friend sent me a treasured gift that has encouraged me in my prayers.

Our older children are doing well and Mark is trying to adjust to life in Fiji and working on his project.

God has blessed Hubby's business and they are getting closer to approval and then production!

This is an orchid. 
They are challenging plants to grow. 
It is our Aunt Kathy's favorite flower. 
Kathy passed away 16 month ago.
If you know me, you know I do not have a green thumb.
In fact I kill plants (accidentally, of course).
The fact that this plant on our window sill is alive and well and blooming in November- is a miracle!

YOU are amazing God and we praise You for all that You are, for Your kindness and for Your many blessings.
God, You are everything that is GOOD!
We know You are near and we know that You will NEVER leave us.
We are SO THANKFUL to YOU, oh Lord!

Our homeschool is going strong and we are ahead of schedule.
This was part of our plan since we were thinking we would travel to China sometime early this spring.

But sometimes even the best intentions and the best laid plans do not turn out exactly the way we hope and desire...

When the enemy strikes
it's usually NOT a single blow...

Ephesians 6:12....For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

With all of these many many blessing this has been a difficult fall for us...
We have felt like we were walking through a mine field.
Satan strikes and then strikes again before we can catch our breath.

He has weakened us at times and we have allowed fear into our hearts.

At times we have missed out on the beauty of HIS blessings because our thoughts were somewhere else... deep in worry...

Awhile back I asked people to pray for what was heavy on my heart.
You were and You still are - amazing!
It is comforting to know that we have an army of prayer warriors behind us!
We are so thankful for your prayers, it makes our burdens lighter.
You have helped us to see GOD in the midst of a storm.

We ask you to continue to pray.
Pray for our Grace and Jacob, that wait for us in China.
Yes, his name is Jacob.
God made it clear to us that Jacob was his name.

Now I also understand why God told us that our dear daughter's name was GRACE!
It is God's grace that will see us though.
Please pray that God will keep them safe and healthy.

We praise you Lord!
And we thank you for your promises and for your faithfulness!

I told another adoptive Mom that our adoption was under attack by the opposition.
She said
"Of course it is, Satan hates adoption."
and went on to say
"Every time we have adopted extremely challenging things have happened to us."

At least we know we are not alone...
Others have traveled this road.
We will hold fast to HIM!
And pray our way through the storm...


altman5 said...

Oh my word, you said it exactly. It's like "walking through a mine field." We have been walking through that since we said YES to God and started our current adoption process. But, we WILL hold fast to Him!

K said...

You are right, Satan does hate adoption. My first three adoptions were fraught with his trying to do his best to influence things. On my fourth adoption he changed tactics and attacked after we were home. It was a good tactic, I almost didn't recognize it and blamed it on other things, but prayed hard and stayed close to Heavenly Father and I was protected.

All that you described in your post sounds so wonderful. Congratulations on getting ahead with homeschooling. I'm finally just starting to get into my groove with things. I love your big garage door. My new home doesn't have a garage, it used to, but now it's part of the home, and sure miss one. I had to laugh about your boxes still not unpacked. I've been here more than a year and I'm not all the way unpacked either!

kimjax said...

Praying for you all, Jean. God is stronger.

Ruth said...
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Jennifer P said...

A wonderful reminder to give God ALL the glory!

Steph M said...

Jean, We too walked the mine field with our last much so that I would sometimes just stop and YELL "I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus! Leave us alone Satan, we love Jesus!" I was very real, and very hard. The enemy did not win. We worked harder than ever to stay close to our Lord and Savior.
We are adopting again, and kind of have a "on pins and needles" feeling...waiting for the attack to begin. We are staying strong in prayer and praise to our Almighty God, so we will be ready if the attack comes again.
I enjoy praying for you. It is a privilege. We will continue to pray.

Sammy said...

Said a prayer for you and your family!

Lisa said...


Terry said...

Yes Yes Yes!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Continuing prayers! Definitely very hard and God knows everything including satan's attacks.

Praying for ALL of your children!

Megan said...

I love that new *tall* garage door- how terrific, now that it's SO cold outside!!
Have a great time with sweet Emily- she is just darling!!
Many prayers for you and your beautiful family. Hope you see you "around town" sometime soon :)

Wendy said...

Jean, I am praying for you and your family. So pleased that through the darkness, you are able to see all the beauty that surrounds is truly God's way of saying Satan will not win this and do not be afraid.

Anonymous said...

My prayers have never stopped....and they will not stop. Praying without ceasing. Our God is Able!! Xo