Friday, November 14, 2014

Time With Our Baby Girl!

The two big girls were so excited to be traveling with us to Colorado to see Katie and her sweet baby Emily!
Sometimes it's hard for the children at home to see a baby and to see the love she gets...
and to know it was not that way for them.
It makes them even more aware of what they have lost 
as a newborn, 
as an infant 
and as...

We can't get that time back 
But we can build from this time on.
We can include our treasures at home, in the joys of our growing family.
We can show them how to properly and safely play with and care for an infant.

So, that when they are all grown up they will have had experiences that will help them as adults.

It is soooo wonderful seeing our sweet baby girl!

We let too many weeks go by between visits. 
Emily has grown quite a bit since the beginning of September.

She is crawling now and full of constant smiles!

She has so much personality!
She can clap her hands!
And we just taught her to wave bye bye!

She is interested in EVERYTHING!
Including Nana's purse!

She loves her Daddy doll!

And she adores her Mommy!

Even when Mommy tries to confine her little explorer!

I have kissed every inch of her sweet face!
And I plan to do it all over again tomorrow!

She is amazed by the simplest things...
this time it's her hand that has caught her attention!

She thinks her Aunts are pretty awesome!

Emily loves to walk and her Aunt Sarah and Aunt Mia love helping her walk!

It's a perfect job for them with their young strong backs ;-)

We just figured out we left the girls backpack somewhere between here and the airport...


And the next day it showed up on the front porch of Katie's home!

Our God is just that amazing!

Thank you Chelsea!


Amy Wolf LWB said...

All of your girls (from the baby to the big) are absolutely beautiful.

Laura L. said...

Emily is just adorable. Shes changing so much. How neat to see photos. You all look so very happy. Yay! Have fun. Grandbabies are the best!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

That little Emily is the CUTEST thing!! What a happy baby!

Shay Ankerich said...

Precious precious!!! She is adorable just like Ben Curtis. Aren't we the MOST blessed grandmothers in the world? LOVE that you got to visit. XOXOXO