Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Fun!

Our December has been wonderful!
Katie and Emily came to visit!
And Katie got going on the baking right away!
(Praise the Lord!)

Many of the children helped out!
We never are short helpers- if anything we have to take turns with the helping!

We are doing the advent calendar but have now renamed it 25 days of kindness
because some days we forget to do it.

Ava LOVES to read!
So she has been reading to the doggies!

Hey girls!
You better listen!
There's a quiz coming up!

Sometimes it's hard being cooped up in the house during the winter.
But the kids seem to find something creative to do with their time!

That slinky is really being tested!

My goodness girls!

We went to the movie 
Big Hero 10!
Our local theater got new seats!
They were very comfy!
Nap worthy!

We went to 
"The Grinch"
at the Children's Theater!

It was excellent!

When Katie gets busy we have many "sitters" to help out!

Someone looks a little tired!

Auntie Mimi gave the children books!

We love encouraging reading!

Flap books are sooooo much fun!

It's peaceful when they are all reading!

Joey's loves looking at the pictures!

Ben is a beginning reader!

Sam loves nature and anything outdoors!

Anna read to Emma!

So sweet!

Thank you Auntie Mimi for the children's books and for your help with our school!
She's getting us "computerized" and helping the children get hooked into learning sites!

We went to the Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith Christmas concert!
Katie and I took a few of the girls we thought could sit through it!

Hubby babysat this little cutie and the rest of the kiddos!
Billy came over to help out and keep him company!
It went well- whew!

It was a wonderful concert!

Emma and Ellie had a boutique in their classroom!
They made all sorts of treats with their classmates and then they set up a little store that was open for two days!
We bought everyone these adorable hot cocoa reindeers and a holiday cookie (which we ate right away)!

After playing outside- 

they enjoyed their hot cocoa 

with marsh mellows and chocolate chips!!


Lisa and Tate said...

I love your adorable family and the updates of what is going on.

K said...

Everyone looks wonderful! What a joy! Thank you for blogging about your family.

Vicky said...

Merry Christmas Jean and family!

Stephanie M said...

Love the photos, Jean!! Merry Christmas to you all!!! Such a beautiful family.