Saturday, January 3, 2015

Adding to the Family!

We are excited to share our good news!

Our family has expanded
by two kittens!

The whole thing may have started with mouse activity "near" (maybe in) our house.

the truth is I/we love animals!
I grew up with kittens and cats and we are thrilled to once again have them in our life!

The children are giddy!

Kitties need love and we have a lot of extra love to go around!

After visiting the kitties and having filled out the required paperwork our "dossier" was sent to
"Saved By A Whisker"!

And we were "matched" with these two beautiful boys!

Once we did our kitty "home study", "background check", "fingerprinting", swore on the bible that our babies will never be declawed or go outside... 

We got to bring them home!

We gathered 6 of our most responsible children and our new kitty carrier, 
and headed out for our 
"gotcha day"!

The other children waited patiently at home!
After two hours of Kitty education 101 we
returned home with our new babies!

In my lifetime I have had amazingly wonderful kitties 
 kitties that were...
 less than stellar...
(okay downright mean)

It's important to us that these kittens grow up to be amazingly wonderful family pets!

We don't want a repeat of the- 
less that stellar cat we previously owned (many years ago)!

So we made a "cat room" and we did a little home education on how to treat the kittens.
Ava is a kitty whisperer!
Ava and Sarah are my helpers.
Melissa, Emma and Ellie have a kind a peaceful spirit around the kittens.
Anna, Ben and Mia are improving everyday!
Our wonderful Sam, Abby, Madeline, Luke and Joey are kind, loving, tender, impulsive, "oops" kinda kiddos- we keep our eyes on them!

For the kitties safety and training they are in their kitty room with their toys, food and litter. 
They will be introduced to the rest of the home slowly and then be "freed" from their kitty room, when they are a little bigger and able to get out of the way if necessary!

We want them used to lots of kids, being held, petted, loved, manicured and played with...

I think my staff will be able to handle the job!
(check out the kitty pail in the background!)
No stinky litterbox for us!

On top of that, we are getting free pet therapy at our house!

By now,
your probably getting a little sick of kitty pictures!

To us,
they are just soooo cute, 
we couldn't decide which ones to put on the post!

Their given names were
Mike (Wazowski) and Sulley from Monsters Inc.
So far we are keeping the names...
although if you have any names you love please put them in the comments!

Obviously we are obnoxiously in love with our kittens!

There's more!

Then we got the call from the Pet Adoption "agency"!

Actually it was an email that said... 

Their sister's adoption had fallen through...

And this little beauty was now available!

It was actually her picture that brought us to this particular spot...

So in the interest of keeping 
siblings together

adopted her, too!

It sound like such a happy story...
doesn't it!

Well, the boys had been home for a week and they forgot they even had a sister...

They were not as welcoming as they could have been...

We had just a few people in the room for the initial reintroduction. 
The rest watched from the windows!

We were told there may be some hissing when they see each other again.
I thought maybe 10 hisses would happen.
about 100 happened!

Luke was not happy with watching from the window...
Sorry buddy!

But others made the most of being banished from the kitty room!

Even the doggies watched!

Mike and Sulley are quite a bit bigger than"Celia".
And Mike felt it was necessary to let her know who was the boss...

Celia wasn't having any of it...
She continued to stick up for herself and hiss.

And play with their toys which were now her toys! 

Sulley has the white stripe down his back- 
He watched her closely but he wasn't as assertive as Mike...

So after lots of hissing and redirecting we put the boys in the kennel.

They were not happy with us but they needed to give her a break and let her acclimate to her new home.

After she seemed more relaxed and comfortable we let them out and continued to "redirect" if they started towards her,

 Within a matter of hours everyone was doing very well!

That night we had 3 peaceful kitties sleeping in their own space!

An by the next day we had three cuddly kitties sleeping together!

 And a
photo bomb
by Ava!

 Are you still with me?
If so, can you help us with the names?
Some of our kiddos have speech issues so Sulley and Celia sound alike and Celia is hard for them to say.

So we have thought about calling Celia- 
That's the little girl in the movie.
What do you think?
Any other thoughts?


Alexa said...

I love that you adopted all 3 of them! I have rescued 2 kittens myself! There are never enough kitty pictures! My cat's names are Joey and Sammy. (but those are already taken in your family) How about names from the lion king? I always wanted to name a girl kitten Nala. You could change Sulley's name to Simba.

Not sure if you would like that though. Congrats on your new additions!!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Oh.My.GOODness! They are so adorable! They always have a way of "workin' it out"! And, they will be wonderful therapy pets. You must buy a squirt bottle or 3. Have them ready for when they scratch the sofa or climb the curtains. A quick squirt will not harm them, but will definitely give them something to think about the next time they try it. Oh yes, and I think JoJo is a pretty cute name! :)

LisaP said...

Beautiful kittens! I love the name Boo and it keeps the Monsters, Inc. theme. Be sure to post periodic pictures of them so we can watch them grow.

Luana Bastien said...

This is my all-time favorite post! Hee-hee!

Diane said...

I love the names Sulley and Mike! As I was reading and you brought home the sister, I was thinking "Celia doesn't fit!" She should be called Boo! Congratulations on your additions!

Janet said...

I love the "boo" name. We just names one of our mini-horses Sully; from the movie.
We have kids with speech problems too, pet names can be a challenge. We bought a goat named Buck----no thankyou! We quickly renamed him Billy!

Lisa and Tate said...

Tate and I loved this story about your family and the kitties. The kittens, kids and dog are so adorable. I grew up with a cat named Kiki. Boo is cute too.

ChouchouPoussin said...

you are wonderfull !
i love cats too, we have two cats : a boy who is years old and a little girl of year.
And they are so cute in they sleep tree.
best wiches for this new year !
best regards from France.

ChouchouPoussin said...

the boys is 13 years old (but he walk on the computer !) and the girl 1 year

Emily said...

I love the Monsters Inc. theme, and I think Boo is better than Celia. Pets are the most wonderful therapists, and there isn't much in the world that is cuter than a kitten!

Jessim said...

Celia is a character in Monster's ink, but I was actually surprised her name wasn't Boo. because of the speech issues- I think changing it to Boo is a perfect idea!

Another female in the movies with a big role is Roz. Or you could use Mae, which is Celia's middle name.

Your cats are adorable! There couldn't be too many pictures of them :)

K said...

They are more than adorable. As an 8-cat household myself, all indoor and with their claws, I commend you for your excellent kitten choices and care. I wasn't sold on the Monsters Inc names until the addition of their sister and the name Boo. That picture of the three of them sleeping together is priceless!

Jennie said...

Yes, best post ever on account of the kitties. Will never tire of kitty posts. Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

Yes, just go with Boo and keep the theme. I name my cats after where I find them...Yes, I pick them up regularly. I brought four kittens home this summer that a farmer was going to shoot - they went from super mean feral cats that required gloves to feed them to super nice kitties that I rehomed to good indoor homes.
Have fun,

Kristi said...

This post would make a wonderful children's book! Me and my girls just read together and loved it so much! Love the tension in the story between siblings and then how all are reconciled in the end! Pictures were perfect! Keep the story going for us so we can watch them grow along with your precious children!

Jennifer P said...

You are the MASTER at integration. I loved this post. You can never have too many pictures of kitties. :)

Stephanie M said...

We LOVED this post! Smiled the whole way to the end! We love kitties too - but we live on a farm so our kitties are outdoor kitties. Although my hubby can't understand why they meow and paw at the back door all the time! How could they know there is something worth coming inside for??? Hmmmm....

Love the name Boo. Or Mae. The photo of them all sleeping together is the best!