Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Embracing Winter?

Or maybe not?
Okay, we are trying to embrace winter and I am living vicariously through my children...
Because they love the seasons and I am only... tolerating the season of winter...

These pictures are from warmer days.
Lately, it has been tooooo cold to even enjoy the snow in the yard.

We have made the most of it- doing school, a few of our activities, watching movies and spending time with Katie and Emily!
Yes, they are here and we are loving it!

On the count of three, they were supposed to ALL open their eyes...
The sun was bright and a few have trouble following directions 
; - )
Maybe more than a few 
; - )

Yay, winter. Yay, sledding!
Thank you for the wonderful response regarding our sweet kitties!
They have made the winter more fun!
We take kitty breaks during school and play with them!
They are already "teen" kitties!
They are getting quite cuddly- especially Mike Wazowski!
Sulley has been visiting the school rooms and Boo has exceeded our expectations!
She is loving life at our home!

Over winter break Hubby took the kids sledding!
They love checking out some of the local places!
I get their feedback and preferences once they are home having hot cocoa!

So long darlings, have fun!

I had three hours to myself that day!
It was wonderful!

We are recycling snow gear!
If you noticed- they just pass it on down the line ;-)
This year we needed new boots for Mia and snow pants for Sarah, Mia, and Ellie!
That is a good news for us!
We have lightweight jackets for the kids to wear when it is in the 30's or so.
It's much easier and less hot for lessons, errands and shopping.
The children go from a heated garage to a car that is 50 degrees and then a brief time outside as the run into- where ever we are going!

We have forever talked about moving to a warmer climate BUT 
we have lived here all our lives.
I am guessing we will be here to stay!
(With a few jaunts to a warmer climate that is!
It just lessens the pain and raises the spirits!)

The children actually LOVE the change of seasons and have no desire to move.
This is HOME!

Hoping a warm front is coming our way 


Stephanie M said...

Did you say kids sledding with hubby? And then three hours to yourself? Stealing that soon as it warms up enough to even open the door!!

dannette said...

Looks like fun! How do you keep track of that many pairs of gloves and hats etc?

Janet said...

I'm with you on the coats. Our Sprinter is just in a carport, but I can warm it up. (Does yours have the "turbo heat" thingy?)
We just wear fleece jackets out and about. We try to only go out 1x a week....and it's alot warmer here....although we broke records in AL this week. Tues. morning was 7 degrees.