Thursday, January 29, 2015

Global Warming!

First of all thank you for all your thoughtful comments regarding Sarah trying out for a gymnastics team.

One of the things I neglected to say was that Sarah has taken lessons once a week for 5.5 years.
She has longed to take it twice a week for 3 years (we said no).
We are now letting her take it twice a week.
She is completely self motivated and has taught her self how to do a-
back handspring (and then seven in a row)
aerial cartwheel (and then 2 in a row)
back flip.
back layout flip,
front handspring,
And on the beam -
back walkover, cartwheel, working on a back handspring,
and the list goes on!
If she sees it, she teaches herself how to do it!

The XL team is what she will be trying out for and we will support her.
It will put a kink in our lifestyle but we feel that the benefits will out weigh the hardships.

Hubby and I will share the driving.
We are planning for her to be driving around the age of 18- which fits because she is about 2 years behind maturity wise.

Madeline, Ben and Abby had the first reconciliation(confession) in January!
They did a great job with the retreat and sharing their heart with our priest!
We are excited for them to have their first communion this spring!

In November we said goodbye to the grill on our deck.
A snowstorm was on it's way and once it snows here it never leaves...
Well, I guess there is a first for everything!

Because here we are grilling hamburgers in

This has been the BEST winter so far!
Mild temps and some snow- but not too much!
This is unheard of - for a MN winter!
Children cannot run on the snowless deck with only their jammies on in a MN winter -
they'd freeze!

Math Help!
I love that siblings can help each other out!
Sarah has BTDT and Ava "gets it" so they are great helpers when it comes to explaining...

Our church sponsored a
"Feed My Starving Children" event!
I love this charity!
We had so much fun and worked hard to fill as many boxes as possible!

It was Sam, Melissa and Ben's first time!
They were awesome!

Anna and Ellie were supposed to join us 
but they were not feeling well and had to stay home ;-(

Next will be Mia,
 she is also passionate about gymnastics and tends to follow Sarah's lead!
Praying for God's guidance!

Truly a match made in heaven!
They adore each other... 


they don't!

I'm sure ya'll get that!
(It's a long day around our house when these two are at odds with each other... 
thank goodness it doesn't happen often!)

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