Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Abigail Elizabeth!

To us, she is a miracle child.

Abby came home at 5 yrs 11 months.

She was very sick...
They gave her a blood transfusion right before we met her 
(we requested that they do this).
And then, she met us with a smile.
That night she mourned and the tears flowed.
Poor dear, was so scared and unable to process all that was happening in her life.

And who's birthday is it?
It's yours precious child!
Happy Birthday Abigail Elizabeth!
You are 9 yrs old!

Abby was diagnosed with MDS- a pre leukemic condition.
Once home and over the course of 2 yrs she was re diagnosed (multiple times but finally they settled)
with a rare form of Beta Thalassemia.

Believe it or not this was the best news we could have received!
It was a gift from God-
 just like she is!

Cancer is no longer looming in her future (at least not like it was) and she
doesn't need a bone marrow transplant to live.
She is however, transfusion dependent. 
We go in every 3 weeks for new blood but otherwise she is just like the rest of us!
(Please give blood if you can! Not in Abby's name, but for anyone one that needs it- 
it truly is a LIFE saver!)

Many of our kiddos got a new bike this year,
Abby wanted one, too!

Yes, we have an over abundance of 20 inch bikes...
but this was her first very own bike (with gears, I might add)! 
She has been happy with the hand me downs for 3 years.
That's the way it goes when you have a January birthday in Minnesota...

Just between us.... you may see a theme.
Yep, it's just plain easier for the Momma and the Daddy, to go out to dinner!

Back to the story-
 Abby picked our favorite Japanese restaurant!
Where EVERYONE who works here is Chinese and speaks mandarin!
The kids love it, the people that work here love it and we love it!
Billy and Kelly joined us!

And they even toss food in the air for the children to catch!
What fun!

Sarah caught it!

Sweet Abigail... your gonna need to open your eyes!
She missed.

And then it was time to sing to our birthday girl!

Abby loved every minute of it!

She joins her sisters Ava and Melissa in the 
"I'm a nine year old now" club!
Anna, Ben, Sam and Madeline are still in the "8 yr old" club.

She wanted Elsa on her cake but she got Olaf.
No complaints and as happy as can be with her birthday cake.
(FYI- I ordered Elsa... but Olaf works!)

It was a wonderful day!

You have blossomed sweet girl!
And it has been a complete joy to have a front row seat
to see God work miracles in your life!
 There is so much to look forward too!

Thank you, Jesus!

Oh no! 
Not another one, with a boyfriend!

She is loving her gifts!
Abby and Grace are ready for the school day!


Kath said...

Abby looks so happy and so loved! Her current health status is an answer to many prayers! It is such a joy to watch her blossom! Good work Mom and Dad.

Drew Watts said...

What a great post it was!!! Reading this story was just great for me. Anyway, belated happy birthday to sweet Abigail! Our younger daughter turned 6 a few days ago. We reserved one of the local kid’s party city locations NY for the celebrations.