Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kittens and Babies!

It just doesn't get any better than that!

The children love it when Emily is here!
She is big enough now that they can play with her!
Some of the older children can hold her!

It gives her Momma a moment, now and then!

Emily is learning to walk!

She even took her first steps while she was here!

And she met a few kittens, too!

Everyone loves playing with kittens!

It's a race!

Emily won!

Look out Sulley!
She's eyin' you now!

Mia is doing so well and gaining confidence!
The first time Kate and Emily visited Mia "hid".
She avoided being around them.
I think she had a lot of feelings she needed to deal with...

Now she is in the middle of the action and loving her niece!

They had a bit of jet lag so we had a low key day 
and watched Maleficent while Emily played!

The kittens are wonderful entertainment!
It is a hoot watching them chase each other and wrestle!
I think they are tweens now!

I think Emily loves the kitten's toys even more than the kittens do!

Penny loved playing with them!
She would nudge them to play!

And then lick them!
They loved it!

Penny and Celia really hit it off!

My brother, SIL and nephew came over to visit!

It was so nice to see them- it's been too long!
The children loved playing Uno with Alex and Sarah!

Butternut Squash with sea salt, melted butter, and brown sugar!

No, I didn't make this!
I don't cook!
Katie made it for us!

It was new for the children- most of them liked it!

It can't get much better than "doing school" with your niece and her puppy dog!

Hmmmmm, is anyone listening to the lesson?

They made snow cream together right before she they left!

Blessed to be her Nana!
(She's blowing raspberries now!)

I dropped off 
2 suitcases
a stroller,
a carseat,
and more,
at the airport!

(God Bless You Katie!)

And a half hour later I got a call.
I turned around and headed back to the airport!

After all, who can resist a $500 voucher!

And, we got to have them for another night!

What a good deal!


Jboo said...

That beautiful baby is getting so big!! Am sure you loving having them visit and nice to get some extra time with them!

Jennie said...

Another lovely (and lively) pet post - adore Emily's mini-ponytail in the first photo with Sully. Emily is beyond ADORABLE-those chubby cheeks!

Katie Lee said...

How fun!! I love it!

Hanna said...

So lovely!