Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ready or Not 2015 - Here We Come!

We are excited for the new year!
Making plans, goals and resolutions for an exciting and fun 2015!

Anna had surgery on Dec. 30th. She had the first of two surgeries to repair the bone in her cleft palate/ dental ridge.

Our sweet girl was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.
Plus, she is as tiny as can be.
In order to successfully do her repair, it has to be done in two stages.

The first stage is to close the very large fistula (quarter size hole) in the roof of her mouth.
They added alligenic (sp?) bone and a medication to stimulate bone growth in her dental ridge during this surgery.

 Next year she will have a bone graft from her hip to her dental ridge.
(hopefully she will be a bit bigger and have more bone to offer)
The surgery went well and she is now recovering.

An overnight stay in the hospital and then home!

But first we needed to play a few games!

With the "DUDE" on the hospital TV station!

Anna called in twice to win two prizes!
Way to go, girl!

She was met by the local welcoming committee!
Her sibs!
Love having a big family!

They were happy to see her AND all the things she got while in the hospital!

And then it was time to have a cuddle fest on Mom and Dad's bed!

Anna joined us for our New Year's celebration!

She can only eat soft/ runny food right now.
It;s a challenge trying to find a variety of those kinds of food!

Happy New Year!
(We may have started a little early! This Mom and dad were tired!)

Hats and blowers really make it a party!

And when your Momma brings you outside on a cold winter day...

without shoes OR socks

OR a jacket

just so you can shout to the world
Well. then you know your having FUN!

After a short movie we brought in 2015
(New York time)!

A little catawba juice for everyone!

Thank you Lord for a wonderful 2014!

We are very excited for 2015!
Praying you have a blessed year!


Vicky said...

I just love your family celebrations! It puts me to shame, maybe next year!

Ted Grimmer said...

Awww! Your pots really hits straight to the heart. Just being able to reconstitute some of Anna's difficulties is enough to make her live free from any bitterness. That is really stunning, if I may say so. I truly commend you spending your efforts and your time with them, when others either take what's theirs for granted, or just shut their eyes and look the other way. Your family is really admirable! Anyway, I'm happy that Anna's surgery has been successful. Happy New Year and all the best to the whole family!

Ted Grimmer @ Cody Dental