Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beach Time, Poolside and A Few Updates!!

We are loving our time here in Florida!
Each year we are spending a little more time away from the cold Minnesota winters!
Next year we are already planning to stay longer!

We have left the first rental house and moved to our second home. 
Both homes are wonderful but the second one is just a bit too small for our large family.

During some down days we treated ourselves to the Marco Marriott!

Poolside Cabanas, two large pools, beach, meals and beverages served poolside! 
When their occupancy is low they allow guest passes!
What a treat it was!

Emily and Katie have extended their stay with us!
Andrew is very busy right now so it worked out perfectly for their family!

Emily loved swimming in the pool with her Aunties and Uncles!

Emily LOVES her Mommy!
She likes to have her Momma in sight

When I see how broken hearted Emily is when her Momma walks away-
 I think of our babies from China...
It breaks my heart to think of how their birth Mom had to leave them and walk away...
and no matter how young they were... they knew...

WE need to help families keep their children.

WE need to provide homes for children that need families.
Whether it is children in the America, in China, in Uganda, in Ukraine, in Ethiopia
or where ever they are...
they need homes!

For Florida, it has been a bit chilly!
But we are not complaining just putting on a sweatshirt and enjoying whatever the temp is!

Hubby loves being a Grandpa!
So far we are calling ourselves Nana and Papa!
But we will see what she decides to call us and go from there!

Where are Emma and Ellie?
We are really missing them...
They stayed home for the first two weeks to go to school.
Their special class at school is working so well for them. 
They love it, they love their schedule, their teacher and their friends at school! 
Tonight they will fly to Florida with our sitter! 
We are all so excited to see them!

On December 30th our Anna(on the right born with bilateral cleft L/P) had surgery to close a large fistula on the roof of her mouth. It was the largest fistula our Dr. has ever seen.
One of the four quadrants reopened before we left for Florida.
Yes, we were a bit bummed to hear this but if you look on the bright side the other three are still closed- Praise GOD!

Anna was our first treasure to come home!
When we saw her picture we knew she was our daughter!
I also knew that all the challenges that could happen with cleft lip and palate would 
"not happen to her and us".
I was wrong...
on every. single. issue, 

She has had every challenge-
 speech(nasal air emmissions), fistulas, food coming out of her nose, palate repair torn off and emergency redo, fistula beginning to open, dental work done under anesthesia, unsuccessful nose repair, nose repair redone, extra teeth, more dental work under anesthesia, upper jaw expansion and fistulas expanding with it, more speech, more extra teeth to be pulled, large fistula repair, fistula reopening...

Once again-
 she is OUR daughter and we are so thankful!
Someday it will all be fixed and she will be very glad!

We are still working hard towards our adoption of Grace and Jacob!
We had a bit of good news early in the month and sometimes we feel guardedly hopeful 
but there is still more work to be done and more approvals to get...

They even had a pack and play at the cabana for Emily!
Of course she would prefer to be FREE!
But this is safer for her ;-)

Awhile ago Sarah asked me if I had ever been pooped on, by a bird!
Yes, I had!
When I was 15 a birdie pooped on my shoulder!
Yucky and funny at the same time!

Now... our dear girl has experienced the same thing!

Welcome to the club, Sarah!

Once again,
yucky and funny at the same time!

Next year we plan to do homeschool right here in Florida! 

I am hoping I can meet more bloggy/ facebook, adoptive families next year!
If you are in Florida, lets plan a get together for next year!


Emily said...

I live in Florida! I would LOVE a get-together!!!

Mary DeGennaro said...

I love your family. I love that you are Nana and Papa. I am Nana to my grandchildren also! Looks like you are having such a great time! Can't wait to see Emma and Ellie in the pictures also.

crzy4myfam said...

I've read your blog for a very long time now and I have loved it so much. It's amazing to watch your family grow! Thank you for sharing your life...both the struggles and the victories! ~Rebecca

Megan said...

Loved the update, Jean! Glad you're enjoying the Florida sun, even if it's a little cooler than usual. You picked a great time to be gone- it's *freezing* here!! Have fun with sweet Emily and all of your little ones :)

Sherri said...

Oh my, I read your blog all the time. We live in Florida and would love to meet you and your family. And for you to meet our little China doll.

debra said...
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zoelvyxar said...
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