Friday, February 13, 2015

Look Who's In Florida, Too!

Miss Emily and her Momma came to visit us in Florida!

What a wonderful treat to have them here!

Emily loves to play with her Aunties and Uncles!
And they love to watch her!
Which means her Momma gets a short break!
Love how it all works out!

The children found lots of coconuts and a very nice man from tiny treasures rental showed us how to open them!
We all ate fresh coconut!
Personally, I don't like coconut any way it's served but some of the children loved it!

Hubby is attempting to get some work done at the house
but he seems to have many "helpers"! 
The next day he decided to do some work...
somewhere else!
At an undisclosed location!

She loves to look at fans!

This was a rainy, cloudy and cooler day, 
so we played inside a bit more than usual!

And we did our reading, too!
It is so much fun to see the children progress with their reading ability!

EVERYONE is progressing!
Some very quickly and others a bit more slowly
but they are still doing soooooo well!
In the beginning I would get a bit discouraged and think...
She/he will never catch on to reading.
I was wrong!
If you are feeling discouraged just know that it "will happen" with time!
Keep trying, they will get it!

Ben loves being able to read now!
Joey has many challenges but we can tell he is a bright little guy.
He sits in on our kindergarten (receptive language issues/auditory processing issues and more) but will hopefully officially start school with Grace and Jacob.
He surprised us by reading the blend ladders (abeka)!

Sweet Abby basically branded with "no hope" in China is now loving to learn and asking/answer questions!
Her hand is always raised (Yes, my kiddos raise the hands in our little school! It's the only way I can have those that always know the answers let those that need to learn the answer- have a turn to talk)!

Mia is doing well and reading at a second grade level. 
She wants to do even better and is highly motivated but it's hard because she came home at 11 yrs old with very little education.

It is so wonderful to have them here with us!

Our baby girl is walking more and more and more!

After ice cream we took a walk on the dock!

This is the everyday life when your mother is a photographer!
near naked
on the lawn
with an oversized piece of watermelon
and a
lens in your face!

Cooler than average weather and high winds will NOT keep us away from the beach!

Big Sis Kate brought her camera to the beach so we will post more pics that look way better than mine, soon!

I vowed not to get anything new for this trip south but caved when it came to crocs!
The kids where them all the time and the are just sooo easy!

Blessings from Florida!


Emily said...

You're really going to tease us with that overhead shot of Emily with the watermelon, but not show us Katie's photo??? Better remedy that! I want to see that picture!!!

ourchinagirls said...

So you will be bringing home Grace and Jacob??