Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sharing God's Love With Others... On Valentines Day!

We are homeschoolers...
so there is no other students to exchange Valentines Day cards with...

And we are in Florida...

so we decided to do something new and different!

All of the children filled out their Valentines!

In the FROM: column was their name!

In the To: column ...
they wrote messages!

Such as-
You are awesome!
God Loves You!
Happy Valentines Day!
God Bless You!
Have a wonderful day!

A few of the kids that cannot write well did smiley faces, hearts and sunshines!
Disclaimer: not Sam but instead Madeline, Abby and our younger boys.

And we passed out chocolates with our Valentines!

On Valentines Day we went to the park and handed them out!

Their just happened to be a free community picnic and an art show,
 going on!

So, we ate lunch for free and then handed out our valentines!

All the children 
LOVED doing it!

And it was well received by everyone!

Such a simple gesture 
and yet spreading 
kind and encouraging words!

This is the first time we have done this 
and the children have already asked to do it again 
next year!

Kids on a mission!

People at the park were happily surprised!

It was a chilly day for Florida but thankfully it warmed up to 64 degrees later on in the day!

These two girls are eating their chocolates kisses and looking at their Valentines.
In the back ground are Sam, Ben and Luke passing out more Valentines!

Many of our kiddos are a bit shy so this was challenging for them!
Luke is not one of our shy ones!


Sam is very "outgoing" so this was right up his alley!

Luke made many new friends!

Good job kiddos!
Happy Valentines Day to YOU!

 Mia had to go beyond her comfort zone.

Sadly, walking up to strangers is not hard for her but reaching out and being the first to speak (wishing them a happy valentines day) is challenging.

Madeline has many speech issues but she happily greeted and 
shared her good wishes with others!

Very thankful for this day!

We actually moved from one rental property to another today and really didn't know what we would do for the "down time" between places...
God had other plans!
And they were wonderful!

We were blessed to get into the next place earlier than usual!
Then find time to get settled and make it to evening church!

Maybe next year we will do bible verses for those that are ready!
Praising GOD!


Sally R said...

Great idea Jean!!! I think I might steal it for our kids next year too!!! My kids are always wanting to serve others and this would be such a fun way to do it!!!

Joy Altman said...

I love it! :)

Diane said...

Love, love, love this! Such a wonderful idea on so many levels!

anyabar1987 said...

It has been shown that it raises morale if you receive just one valentines day card.

two years ago I went to Conway with my sister on Valentines day and there was this guy wearing a tuxedo and a mask who had been wandering the town all day handing out little red postcards. he caught up with us at the book store and it felt so amazing to get the little card (I still have it). I had been feeling a little down that day and was curiously watching the guy as he wandered through the store thinking he was a little crazy until he gave me a card and a hug.

Joy said...

What a great idea! Way to go mom! A class at my school walked to a nursing home nearby and passed out valentines. Happy Valentine's day to your thoughtful little crew!

Sarah said...

Wonderful! What a great way to spend the holiday!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

A perfect idea!

Janet and Kevin said...

Love your Valentine idea. What a great way of spreading love. Our oldest son is a Valentine baby. Love the day!


quilt'n-mama said...

What an awesome idea, I love all the pictures of the kids. Great job Mama!

Tracy said...

I am ABSOLUTLY in love with this idea!!

crzy4myfam said...

I cannot say how much I LOVE this idea!!!! ~ Rebecca