Monday, February 23, 2015

They're Here and They Went Back Home!

The girls are here!
Emma and Ellie have safely arrived!

They arrived a couple days ago!
Everything went well at home and school and they enjoyed their time with our sitter!

It feels so good to have them with us!
And they are so happy to be back here!

They even got to see Katie and Emily for 2 days!
Katie took them to the beach for a photo session!

We are feeling a bit nomadic!
two different houses and now we have decided to stay another week-
 so that means will be moving to house number 3 in another week ;-)!

This is the first house we were in- Madeline and Anna were so proud that they made their bed and kept their room clean!
(Obviously, I am way behind on my pics and posts!)

Our Anna is on growth hormone- she is getting so tall! 
She was in the 1/2 percentile before starting growth hormone.
Now she is in the 3rd percentile!

This home was an amazing blessing!

The family that owns it has 11 kids!
So they "get us"!
We are not an odd family at all, to them!
Only God could have orchestrated all of this!
We plan to come back here next year!

Joey made his bed!
(I really have to bite my tongue... and focus on the cuteness!)

And Melissa and Abby made their bed and cleaned their room!
Something tells me Melissa did most of it!
It could have something to do with the fact that Abby is nowhere in sight!

And Luke made his bed ;-)

We have loved every minute of having this precious little girl with us!

After two weeks together they had to head home...

Back to Colorado and into a snowstorm...

They left very early in the morning.
When Ava got up -
 she quickly looked for Emily...
in hopes that Katie had forgotten her...

No such luck...
Katie remembered to take Emily with her.

It is such a blessing to be a Grandparent!

And it has been an amazing blessing for our younger child that are home, too!

Sarah, Mia, Ava and Melissa have adapted well to being an Aunt and a mother's helper!

We love it when our little Emily blows raspberries!

We go to the park almost every day!
We walk around the lake, feed the ducks and the turtles!
Play games and play on the playground equipment!

Emily loves the park, too!

She crawled through the tunnel to get to her Mom on the other side!

The girls attended a gymnastics class at the rec center
while the boys went fishing with Dad!

They were supposed to catch our dinner 
it didn't happen...

so we had hamburgers!

Even though Ben and Sam didn't catch a thing they still had a great time!

We miss you two...

The weather has been a bit chilly but is warming up now!

It was really nice to have the outdoor space for the children to play!

Abby and Anna love helping with Emily, too!

But then someone needs to watch them watching the baby ;-)

Emily, I think you have rabbit ears!

Katie, Mia and Sarah love playing pool!
While foosball is my chosen sport!
Three of the kiddos and myself get a rousing game going!

This is serious competition!
They all want to win!
it goes to show,
the apple does not fall far from the tree...
I show no mercy when playing foosball.
(bad Momma)

Anna and Ben having fun playing ping pong!

Thank you for joining us Emily and Katie!
Now bundle up- it cold and snowy in Colorado!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Glad you are having so much fun! I would imagine you would want to stay with all that sunshine and warmer weather. Have a fun third week!

Hanna said...

Thank you for sharing all so lovely photos!

Janet said...

I want to be there!! as I look out my window in AL at 4" of snow in 2 hours.
I'm glad the hormones are working for Anna. They did not work for our Wes, 11yo, size 6 pants are right length. SOmeone told us to try again in the teen years---I don't know.