Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wondering... If They Are Biological Siblings?

As we were in process to adopt Ben I got an email from a family that had adopted his foster sister.
That was over 18 months ago...
One year ago we traveled to Florida and tried to get together with this family but Ben and Joey were new to our family (home 2-3 months) and it just didn't work out.
(We needed more time to bond as a family, 4 kids threw up on our way to Florida and we just needed more time to figure out our daily life.)

So instead of seeing each other, they talked on the phone.
Ben had tears in his eyes as they talked and Cassie cried after the conversation.
They spoke Chinglish- part English and part Chinese!
It was a phone call they thought they would never have...
It was a blessing!

Ben (and Joey) have been home for almost 15 months now.
So we planned to get together- a huge thank you to Cassie's family for being so flexible!

We met at Clearwater Marine Aquarium-
Home of Winter and Hope from the movie
Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2!

Here is a pic of Winter!

Before we met I went to Cassie's Mom's FB page so we would know who they were as were about to  meet them!
I thought that Cassie resembled Ben but that was all...

When they walked up to us and I looked at her...
it took my breath away.
I saw a girl version of our Ben...

It was uncanny how much they looked a like...
People say our bio kids look a like but it was nothing compared to these two.
Maybe Billy and Johnny look more alike but still not like these two!

Everyone had a wonderful time!
All the children loved Cassie (and thought she looked like Ben) and her sister Camille!

Yep... I really did take a side view pic and told them not to smile!
Same eyes, eyebrows, nose, chin, jawline, cross bite, little mustache and face/head shape!

We are going to have the children's DNA tested to see if they actually are biological siblings.

We think they are... but either way...
Cassie and Ben are family!
They spent 6 years together in the same foster family in China!

From what we have heard Cassie went to the foster family at 10 months old and Ben went to the foster family three years later when he was a baby. 
His file is on my other computer, so as soon as I get home I will be checking out what it says!

Very thankful to God to have had this experience and so thankful to meet this wonderful family!

Today we are going to research "23 and Me". 
A company that does DNA testing!

I'm a little nervous...
I don't know why?
There's no reason to be a little nervous.
But I just am...

And excited!
For them!
For the families!
For the possible unsolved mysteries!

HE knows the whole story!


Wright Family said...

look at their matching ears in the first picture :)

Sherri said...

I can't wait to find out. I think they are bio brother and sister, they look so so much alike in so many ways. WOW!

terre said...

i personally have done 23andMe. its easy and does tell you a lot. there are a few pages on FB that you can look over for help too - one is 23andMe DNAnewbies, i believe. but know this -- once you do DNA, its very addicting to keep digging! wishing you well.

Jennie said...

Wow! They do look alike in several ways. The side profiles of their faces are uncannily similar. "Chinglish" is still used in my family - and after 40 years living here. There is comfort food and there is a comfort dialect of sorts - Chinglish! The group photo of all the kiddos is beautiful.

acceptance with joy said...

Even before I read what you had to say I thought, WOW. those two are related!

I have done 23andMe with my kids. Easy!

K said...

I'd feel like you. There is such anticipation is wondering and the ramifications huge for the kids. I've followed a blog of twin boys that were separated for adoption and one family ended up moving across the country so the boys could grow up together even if in separate families.

Annie said...

WOW! Jean, that is incredible! What a blessing. We think Maggie's foster brother is her bio brother but he is still waiting in China:( Can't wait to see what you find out!

Unknown said...

you are simply awesome! Hope I could catch some of your awesomeness!!!!

Judy Deaton said...

They REALLY do look so much alike!! Wow. Can't wait to see what you find out.

Unknown said...

I used 23andme for both my kids and later for my son's suspected bio family in SE Asia. Great product and easy to understand. Even if they are not related 23andme still has the largest Asian database compared to the other companies.