Monday, March 9, 2015

Can I Pray And Fast For You?

On Wednesday, March 11th

I will be fasting and praying.

I would love to fast and pray for you, too!
It would be such an honor to see God move mountains for all of us!

Please email me your prayer request at
you can leave your prayer request in the comments section of this blog.

My prayer request is for our adoption of Grace and Jacob.
That the Lord would move mountains and make the way clear for us to bring them home.
That the hearts of those involved would soften and desire for these children to come home.

Our trust IS in HIM.
We know that HIS plans are the right plans.
We believe that HE takes all things and makes them good! 

Looking forward to getting your prayer requests!

Fasting is hard...
I really struggle with it (I think i get a little hypoglycemic) but there are different ways you can do it!
You can fast one meal, two meals or three meals.
You can fast from your favorite food or drink
(but always keep drinking water).
You can fast for a certain number of hours or the whole day.
Fasting should always be healthy.
BUT when you feel the pangs of hunger PRAY THROUGH IT.
Remember to pray throughout the day and each time you feel hungry 
give it to God and lay it at the foot of the cross!
It's a sacrifice, an offering to the Lord!

Please let me know if I can share your prayer request with others in our prayer group?
I will send everyone a prayer list tomorrow night!


Vicky said...

Oh sweet Jean, I will make tomorrow a fast and prayer day as well, keeping our adoptions before the throne of the most High God!

kimjax said...

Jean and Vicky - I will be praying for both of you. And will you please pray for our sweet 7 year old girl to find a family - ours or another. And to comfort my heart if it's not ours. Love you both!

Stephanie M said...

Oh my goodness, those photos are so beautiful! I have been diligent in praying for your adoption of Grace and Jacob...and will continue to do so. May the Lord bless you with your day of prayer and fasting!

lizzielou said...

Jean I love you and your family and would be honored to join you tomorrow in prayer and fasting. Sending you much love! Praying also that God would open doors for us to adopt one more!

Kristi said...

Would love to join you tomorrow in fasting and praying, for you sweet children, please pray for my oldest son who seems to be struggling right now with respect and responsibility, he suffers from adoption trauma, and sometimes it gets the best of him.

Thank you so much, Kristi

Joy Altman said...

Jean, that is wonderful. God has called my husband and I to fast and pray one day a week for our 11-year-old son waiting in Guangdong. He has been through such trauma. Please pray for Samuel tomorrow, and I will join you for all three of these precious ones. Our Father's heart is for the orphan.

Ainsley* said...

Could you please pray for my husband and I? We've dealt with infertility for many years now. Please pray The Lord heals our heart wounds and grants us the desire of hearts, to be parents, whichever way that may come!

Thank you!!

Leslie White said...

For my 31 year old daughter who has stage 4 breast cancer. For her to return to her faith in Jesus or to realize her need for Him for the first time.

Hva665md said...

Wisdom and clear guidance in current adoption after finding out that a secondary medical need is more severe than originally indicated…

Penny said...

I am already on the mailed list but wanted to add that I'm also praying for my 15yo son who is struggling in various ways, and for two dear friends struggling with physical/spiritual illness.ittheOffe