Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Transfusion in Florida! UPDATED!

Tomorrow, Hubby and Abby go for her first transfusion in Florida!
We are praying it goes well!
We are hoping to spend more and more time here during the winters!
It has been 4 weeks since her last transfusion and she is actually looking pretty good!
Abby usually has transfusions every 3 weeks 
so we made a point of having her get a "boost" before we left home, 
knowing we would be gone for 4 weeks.

Then, we made the decision to stay in Florida a week longer.
Abby looks good and seems to feel good.
We have not seen any signs of a low hemoglobin.
She swims and swims and has plenty of energy!
The Florida tan could be masking it...
I am wondering where she is at (hemoglobin wise) and tomorrow we will know!

She is happy her Daddy will be with her!

We know the routine in Minnesota!
They are so wonderful and Abby actually looks forward to her time in 
Hemoc- Hematology/ Oncology!

This is her third beautiful blanket and child life visits each time!

She usually chooses to watch a movie and then decides between painting and a craft project.

Do NOT be afraid of Beta Thalassemia!
It is so doable AND the people that work in pediatric hematology are 

Praying all goes well for our girl on Monday!
If you can- please pray!
It's a new experience
a new donor pool.
We do NOT want any transfusion reactions!

Abby's transfusion went GREAT!
Her Hgb was 8.7- lower than we would like but still okay.
Ferritin level was 708 which means we will be starting Exjade pretty soon.
She has had a very nice break from the exjade(medication)- October through February (maybe even March)!
Everyone at the clinic in Ft Myers was so nice!
Very thankful it all went well!


sammmomtoliv said...

How long does a transfusion usually take?

Sherri said...

Our prayers are with you all! Sweet little girl. Gosh how I wish I could go and visit her while here.

Vicky said...

Praying that things go well for Abby at the new transfusion site.

Jessim said...

I hope all went well! Using a medical service in a new place can be a bit worrisome.